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out effectively in these
countries. Over one
million Bibles were
handed out in Eastern
Europe. James Ray’s
concern for our future
led to
developing reserves for Home
Office needs, for future
staffing needs, and for
emergency field needs.

He had a strong vision
of keeping us on track
so we could be here for
many years to come.

Don Sisk
served During all of these years,
1984–2002 one thing was very
apparent: technology
was changing rapidly! God knew our next
president needed to be someone who would
help us through the next years of ministry and
the changes technology would bring. As a result,
on June 8, 2010, the Lord chose David Snyder to
serve as BIMI’s fourth president. David Snyder
is young enough to understand the importance
of keeping up-to-date with technology, and he
has surrounded himself with qualified help.

Now we communicate online, bank online,
pay bills online, and can even talk face-to-
face online. In addition to these changes, he
James Ray
David Snyder
2002–2010 2010–Present
served serving
has overseen Bible distribution projects in the
Solomon Islands, Fiji, Argentina, Scotland, and
Papua New Guinea.

Dad was right. It is always HOW God does
it! The legacies from Tom Freeney to David
Snyder were always “Let’s see what God will
do!” Our motto for 2020 is “Counting on
Christ.” However, as one can see, we have been
doing that since 1960! W
Number 2, 2020