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Three Influencers for Missions Finish Their Course
Dr. Ray Thompson went Home to be with the Lord
on December 25, 2019. Ray and Jean Thompson were already missionaries in
the Caribbean before coming with BIMI in 1964. When they joined, Brother
Thompson was asked to be the Caribbean Representative and served in that
capacity until 1974 when he was appointed as Caribbean Director until 1994.

From 1983–94 he served in a dual capacity as Executive Vice President and
Caribbean Director.

During his 39 years of service in the Caribbean, Ray Thompson founded the Calvary Baptist
Church and the Bluewater Bible College. He assisted in the founding of the Caribbean Baptist
Mission, which was established to help national missionaries reach other islands with the Gospel.

Brother Thompson was instrumental in founding the West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference.

Dr. Ray Thompson was elected Executive Director and Vice President in 1991. As an officer
of BIMI, Dr. Thompson was engaged in administrative responsibilities, such as preaching
in Bible colleges, seminaries, church mission conferences in America and foreign countries,
and participating in BIMI field conferences. He served as a Permanent Member of the Board
of Trustees. On December 6, 2011, the Trustees voted to give Dr. Ray Thompson the title of
Executive Director Emeritus. He had a passion to see the Word of God and its message of
Christ’s redemptive work presented to the whole world.

Dr. John Halsey as Far North Director was at one time
the director for each of the three men who followed him in this ministry.

By Tony Bulawa
Recently, I spoke with Pastor Steve Stone and Dr. David Snyder about their
memories of Dr. Halsey and how his ministry impacted us. All of us agreed on
a number of special memories of Dr. Halsey.

Besides his love for the Lord, his family, and missions, we each could not speak
about him without mentioning his fondness for Virginia peanuts and a strong
cup of coffee! Beyond this, each felt privileged to have had Dr. Halsey as our Director as well
as our friend. Certainly, each Far North missionary who served with Dr. Halsey found in him
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