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a man with decades of pastoral experience who gave excellent counsel. He was a trusted friend in
whom we could confide. He was the type of leader who invested everything in those he served and
led. As I speak with missionaries and pastors in the Far North, I am reminded that Dr. Halsey left
his mark on many lives too numerous to mention here.

It would be impossible to speak of Dr. Halsey and not mention his faithfulness to the Lord and the
Word of God. We each agreed that Dr. Halsey’s preaching, especially on the topic of Faith Promise
Missions (or Grace Giving as he often called it), had a profound impact on us personally and in
ministry. Dr. Halsey was a man who studied the Scriptures and was enabled by the Lord to preach
and teach in a way that built a special connection with those to whom he spoke. More importantly,
he preached in a manner that displayed his faithfulness to the Lord and His Word so that it was
received as it is indeed the Word of God and not the word of man. Simply put, Dr. Halsey was not
only a man of faith but also a faithful man whom the Lord used in an unusual way.

As I think of Dr. Halsey, Hebrews 11:4b comes to mind as a good summary of his life and ministry.

He obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet spea-
keth. Dr. Halsey would be the first to announce he was righteous only because when he received
Jesus as Savior, the righteousness of Christ was imputed to him. He would also be quick to tell you
that it was only reasonable for him to faithfully serve the Lord in the ways he had been enabled to
do. Today, he is an example to us in the matter of faithfulness to the Lord.

Note: Dr. John Halsey served as the Far North Director for BIMI from 1988 to 2004. He and his wife,
Dot, continued to serve as International Representative Emeritus until December 26, 2019, when the
Lord called Dr. Halsey Home.

Dr. Al Goss
went Home to be with the Lord Thursday evening,
May 7, 2020. He was Pastor Emeritus of Mile Straight Baptist Church in Soddy-
Daisy, Tennessee. In 1978, Dr. Goss became a member of the newly formed BIMI
Action Committee. As a local pastor, he served for many years on BIMI’s Board
of Trustees. The Executive Board of Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI),
invited Brother Goss to join the Executive Board of BIMI in 1983. He also served
as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Board. In 1995, Dr. Goss
became the Treasurer for BIMI and served in this position until his resignation in 2014. God used
Brother Goss in a tremendous way assisting in the work of missions around the world.

Number 2, 2020