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Foreboding World
If you lived in a world of hopeless silence, would you be glad if someone noticed or
cared? Would you pray for someone to come and make a difference? It was 50 years ago
a missionary was approved by BIMI to work with the vast number of deaf people in the
country of Peru. His name was Vernon Miller. Vernon surrendered to be a missionary
when his pastor, in a sermon, told about the thousands of deaf people in Peru.

Vernon went home that night but could not sleep. All he could see were those poor peo-
ple in Peru who had never heard the name of Jesus. The next morning the pastor found
Vernon Miller in his office, suitcase in hand. He was ready to go. He asked the pastor
what he should do next.

Every mission-minded pastor dreams of people responding to a mis-
sionary challenge like this. "Ok, I've heard the message—what
do I do next?" Of course, Vernon was instructed to get
training before applying to a mission board. He met
Velma when he was visiting Hyles-Anderson
College. They fell in love and were mar-
ried. Together they set their hearts
toward Peru. During those months
of preparation, the passion of
Vernon Miller's heart was the
poor deaf people in
Peru. 11