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Founded: June 9, 1833
Area: 1,588 mi² Population: 3.331 million
Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is known for its luxury. It is located in the
eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

The UAE is a collection of seven mini-monarchies with the ruler of Abu Dhabi as President. There are no political
parties or elections. In just one generation, the UAE has turned around from poverty to extreme wealth—people
here are richer than anywhere else in the Arab world.

The official language is Arabic. Eight languages are spoken in UAE. Religions line up as Muslim 65.45%, Hindu
17.00%, Christian 9.25%, Buddhist 4.00%, other 2.50%.

The Richest Country on Earth!
The whole Bible is available in four languages. Parts of the Bible are being translated into two languages. Two
languages spoken do not have a Bible.

Many Muslims are in daily contact with Christians who could be arrested for sharing their faith. Pray that Christians
would be able to find opportunities through friendships to be open about what they believe. There are some Arabic
believers in Dubai although little in numbers, but they face persecution or even death if others find out they have
become Christians. Pray for the United Arab Emirates that God’s light will break through the darkness.

With the support of President Donald Trump, the UAE has forged ties
with Israel, which is considered a huge breakthrough. Pray that the UAE
will move further toward religious freedom for Christians. Diplomats
from the UAE recently made their first official trip to Israel since the
countries normalized relations in August 2020. The two sides signed
pacts deepening their ties, including allowing their citizens to travel
from one country to the other without visas. This was an astounding
move in the right direction. Pray diligently for the United Arab Emirates.

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