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her last year of college. As a director’s
wife with children still at home, Virginia
had to adjust to life with Don being
gone a great portion of the time.

After Tim and Renee left home, Virginia
traveled with Don to his speaking
engagements. Hundreds of pastors’
wives shared their burdens, heartaches,
and frustrations with her. Because of her
tender heart, she often wept with them.

When Don was appointed as President
of BIMI, Virginia’s title changed again
to president’s wife. The Sisks traveled
all over the world encouraging and
inspiring missionaries. When BIMI
moved into its new facilities, she
spent countless hours cleaning and
decorating so that the property could
have the appearance of a beautiful
refuge for missionaries instead of the
cold, unappealing look of a hospital.

A fter Don retired as President
of BIMI, he was asked to teach
missions at West Coast Baptist College.

This meant that Virginia had to leave her
home in Tennessee and live in California.

Now, she was a professor’s wife.

When Virginia was asked to teach a
missions’ class for young women at the
college, she confided in me that she
did not feel qualified to teach college
classes. I assured her that no one could
be more qualified than she was. After
all, there were very few problems that
missionary wives face that she had
not experienced. She accepted the
challenge and was a wonderful teacher.

The students in her classes felt honored
to have the privilege of being taught by
such a gracious lady. Sometimes, her
“mothering” instinct came out and she
baked cookies for them.

Throughout her 65 years of marriage,
her title had changed many times. She
was a foundry worker’s wife, a preacher’s
wife, a pastor’s wife, a missionary’s wife,
a director’s wife, a president’s wife, and
a professor’s wife. It did not matter what
title she had, it was obvious that as far as
she was concerned, her job description
was the same as it was when as a young
woman she stood before a congregation
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18 and said, “Since God has called Don to
be a preacher, I want to be the very best
wife that I can possibly be.”
V irginia went to be with the Lord on
July 8, 2017. I looked at her obituary
and read the following words: “Virginia
was born in Nortonville, Kentucky.”
I can never forget Nortonville—not
because of the unpleasant encounter
with local authorities on a dark, rainy
night, but because Nortonville gave
me an unexpected friend in Virginia
Sisk. I thought about the times that
my husband and I had jokingly asked,
“Can anything good come out of
Nortonville?” I had my answer. YES, A

Reseeding the United Kingdom
These are different days, but

Missionaries are doing a great job distributing the Word of God in their areas. Our
latest NATIONS MAGAZINE featured the theme “God Calling!” Could it be that
this entire virus calamity is the hand of God calling out to the world to trust HIM
and turn to Him?
Perhaps the Bibles in Scotland and the United Kingdom will be read because of the
troubles people are facing. In the front of each edition is a list of problems along
with help verses related to those problems.

Please pray for each Bible that God’s power
and His hand will be upon it.

James Ray holding copies of
the newly printed ABERDEEN
This is a time for all of us to be more missions-minded than ever. The
devil would like nothing more than to see the churches closed forever. We
must be diligent to make sure that does not happen. Churches must be careful
to maintain safety standards with respect to the COVID-19 virus, but that
done, perhaps it is time to make a bold approach to reach new heights and
set new goals for promoting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps it
is time to plan a powerful World Evangelism Sunday or weekend. A World
Evangelism Sunday would include presenting our world missions video of
great missionary lives, followed by a challenging message in the morning
service. This emphasis could prove to be a great motivation to get people
back to our purpose of winning the lost—to REFOCUS—at home and

Contact Information
Cell 423-802-5198
Aberdeen, Scotland
Our church has managed to distribute 2,500 New Testaments
in just a month. The women have gone out Tuesdays and the
men on Saturdays. In addition, families have taken on the
challenge of passing New Testmanets out individually in their
own neighborhoods. We have had families join our church
these past couple of weeks.

Rick and Sarah Demastus
Aberdeen, Scotland