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apply to BIMI. 3 The Coopers applied for service with
BIMI and were accepted 18 February 1965.

mailing list. When the Coopers mentioned in a prayer
letter that a plane was needed, the businessman sent
them a letter and said that he was going to give them a
plane to be used in the work.

The church grew rapidly and other churches were A few days after receiving the letter, Betty “hopped” on
organized on the island and the ministry expanded the next plane that landed on the island and went to
Lakeland. While she was there, she called
to other islands. The churches grew
Jim was
able to
go their new friend and told him that Jim
and young men were called into the
was coming soon to pick up the plane.

to many new areas
ministry. He wanted to know if Jim was going to fly
that had never been
fellow missionary from Nassau
the plane to the island. The businessman
visited the Coopers and took Jim
evangelized. was astounded when Betty told him that
on a plane ride to a neighboring island
Jim did not know how to fly.

to visit a mission church. By boat, the trip would have
taken eight hours but by plane, it was only 20 minutes. Incredulous, he asked, “Well, how does he plan to use
Jim realized how his mission work could be expedited if this plane?” Betty thought for a minute, and then replied,
he had a plane. He decided that he would make that a “Well, we know that the same God who provided the
prayer request. Actually, it should have been two prayer plane through you will also provide instructions for Jim
requests because Jim did not have a plane; neither did to learn to fly.” Stunned by her answer, the businessman
then realized that God was in the middle of all that was
he know how to fly one!
going on and that God was the real provider!
God moves in mysterious ways. A short time later
ater, when Jim arrived in the States, their new friend
a businessman landed his plane on their island. He
sent his personal pilot down to Florida to give Jim
had no idea that he was being led by God to this out
of the way location in answer to an earnest prayer. He flying lessons. Jim attended ground school so he would
soon discovered that the purpose of his journey to this know how to maintain this aircraft. After successfully
completing all of the preliminaries, he received his
remote island was more than he had anticipated.

pilot’s license. Jim and his instructor flew the plane back
During his visit, he met Jim and Betty Cooper. He was
to Caicos. The pilot’s last words to Jim were, “Don’t kill
awed by such dedication and asked to be put on their
yourself, Jim.” 4
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Missions, Inc., 1960-1967, 5 vols., (Chattanooga: Baptist International
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4. Clark, 38.