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Jim & Betty Cooper
The plane was a great blessing to the ministry. Jim
was able to go to many new areas that had never been
evangelized. The plane was also used for medical
evacuations. Along with offering the hope of the Gospel,
people in pain were flown to locations where help was
available. Because of their compassion, Jim and Betty
Cooper became known as THE ANGELS OF MERCY.

Eventually, the church built a building and it was full
from the first Sunday.

Jim believed that the Lord wanted him to start another
church in Nassau, so Howard Mills, who had been
converted under Cooper’s ministry on Caicos, became
the pastor of Baptist Bible Church. The Coopers also
established New Testament Baptist Church in Nassau.

B Betty was having some physical problems, so Jim felt
aptist Bible Church and New Testament Baptist
that he should go to Nassau where she could get medical
Church became thriving churches. In 1995, the
attention. He also planned to establish a church there. Baptist Bible Church in Nassau celebrated its 25th
The Coopers began the Baptist Bible Church in their Anniversary with over 2,500 in attendance. 5 David
home and later rented a building in downtown Nassau.

5. Ray Thompson, “Caribbean Island Ministry,” BIMI WORLD, vol. 2,
1995, 26.

Nassau Christian Academy provided a place
of ministry for many young couples and
single men and women who served as short-
term missionaries with BIMI. Their ministry
was a blessing and help to the Academy and
the ministry of the Academy was a blessing
to them.

There were no American BIMI missionaries
in Nassau in 2004. All the work of the churches
and schools that had been organized by the
missionaries is now under the leadership of
the national Christians. The missionaries
who served in Nassau were successful in
their goals as missionaries; they had worked
themselves out of a job!