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Adams, who was led to the Lord by Howard Mills,
later became the pastor of New Testament Baptist
Church. Jim and Betty also founded Nassau Christian
Academy. There were hundreds of students who
attended the Academy and hundreds were saved
through the ministry. In 1995, there were over 1,000
students in the Nassau Christian Academy. 6 Nassau
Christian Academy provided a place of ministry for
many young couples and single men and women
who served as short-term missionaries with BIMI.

There were no BIMI missionaries in Nassau in
2004. All the work of the churches and schools that
were organized by the missionaries were under
the leadership of the national Christians. The
missionaries had worked themselves out of a job!
The Angels of Mercy had spread their wings to the
far corners of the sea. The lives of hundreds of
people who had been forever in darkness now lived
in glorious light. The borders of the sea that once
had locked in the people of the Islands had been
breached by the Angels of Mercy.

J im became ill and tests revealed that he was
suffering from acute aplastic anemia. After several
months of treatment, Jim and Betty returned home
to Florida.

As Jim’s body grew weaker, he asked Betty to invite
the family for dinner. At that special dinner, he asked
the family to sing “Amazing Grace.” He also asked
that each one of them give a testimony about their
faith in Christ.

When Jim Cooper knew that death was imminent,
he wrote a love letter to Betty ending with the words:
“If I had another life to live, I would begin sooner
living it for Christ, and hopefully, would live it
better for Him.” 7
Jim Cooper died on September 16, 1973, but his work
lives on. Tom Freeney wrote in the BIMI WORLD,
“His labors in the Turks and Bahama Islands have
borne much fruit. Several churches and schools are
a result of his ministry there.”
J im and Betty Cooper became known as THE
ANGELS OF MERCY, but there were many
other BIMI missionaries who became ANGELS OF
MERCY when they took the Gospel to the lost and
dying people of the Caribbean Islands. n
6. Ray Thompson, "All Aboard For A Caribbean Cruise,"
BIMI World, vol.1, 1990, 12.

7. Clifford E. Clark, 40-41.

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Your friendship for the unreached nations of the world and for
the servants of God is priceless. In reality BIMI is an organization
of FRIENDS—friends working together to share the Good News
of Jesus Christ. What can you do?

Survey the list of names at the end
of this article and ask God to lay a
country on your heart. Pray for that
country. Gather data on the need. Ask
God to send men and women there to
evangelize. SPONSOR THE 100+NATIONS
MINISTRY and the

Pray for James and Mary Ray as they head up these ministries.

Friends of this ministry receive the NATIONS MAGAZINE and
other reports to keep them informed on their ministry as friends.

Target Nations and Fields — Albania, Armenia,
Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Macedonia/Serbia,
Suriname, French Guiana,
Slovakia, Holland, Slovenia,
Latvia, Myanmar (Pray that this
country will soon be open for
resident missionaries.)
For further information or
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PO Box 9, Harrison, Tennessee 37341
Cell Phone 423-802-5198 BIMI Office 423-344-5050
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