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GOSPEL! By Scot & Katie Daku
After walking down the halls of the BIMI Home Office, a young missionary sits in
a Candidate School class. The images of the various people groups whose pictures
hang on the walls continue to resonate in his mind. It is for these individual souls
for whom Christ died that we surrender our lives to preach the Gospel—those who
are lost and blind and those who are looking for hope.

One such person is Litia, known to most people as Nana.

She grew up Methodist and eventually married a Catholic
man. She was born on the small island of Rabi in Fiji with
a population of only 2,000 people. Litia was sprinkled as
a baby as so many other island people have been.

She told me, “I was an average Catholic woman who
tried to observe and take part in the rituals of the church.

I always believed that I would be going to purgatory
if I was not a good Catholic following the rules of the
church.” Scot with Litia
In July 2017, she was invited to an evangelistic meeting
with Dr. W. L. Smith where she heard the Gospel for the
first time. After receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as her
personal Savior, she said, “My life changed instantly.”
Sometime after her salvation, Litia got a call from some of the ladies at the Catholic
church. They asked, “What have we done to offend you? Why have you stopped
coming to church?” With joy in her heart, Litia replied, “You have not offended
me; I have found the truth and if you come to my house, I will tell you all about it.”
What a joy and blessing to see the change Jesus made in the life of a sinner! Litia
now has a peace . . . which passeth all understanding (Philippians 4:7). W

By Dave Board
of our rented home. He was concerned that his
When our family felt the call of God to surrender
house would be flooded with strangers coming
to the field of Cambodia, we could have never
and going but we assured him that we did not
imagined the scope of ministry He would
foresee the church ever growing larger than 30
entrust to our care. Through His providence,
people at the most. That sounded
God had allowed us to enjoy
reasonable to him since the only
19 years of fruitful ministry in
type of Christian he had met was
the States amongst Cambodian
a “rice-Christian”—someone who
refugees in the Midwest as well
attends church long enough to
as Southern California prior
get whatever physical help the
to arriving in Cambodia in
church is providing without ever
2005. However, once we arrived
truly turning to God from idols
on the foreign field, we soon Dave & Debbie Board
(1 Thessalonians 1:9). Over the
discovered the culture was much
past several years, God has blessed His work
more intense than what we had previously
far beyond our abilities and faithfulness. As we
experienced while serving in the States. It
contemplate the hundreds of Buddhist, Muslim,
was immediately apparent that the practice
and Animist folks who have trusted Christ
of ancestral worship as well as pressure from
and who are living faithfully for the Lord, we
the Buddhist and Muslim leaders to conform
are reminded of the words of Christ when He
to the community norm would be formidable
promised Peter in Matthew 16:18, I will build
foes seeking to prevent the lost from coming to
my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail
Christ. We took comfort in Matthew 28:19–20
and believed that Jesus’ promise to be with us
against it. How prone we are to overestimate
our own role on the mission field while at the
was as certain as His command to go!
same time to underestimate the awesome plan
When we planted our present church, we began
God intends to bring to fulfillment through the
with a small group of five teenage young men and
power of the Gospel as it is preached to those
a couple of ladies whom we had won to Christ. I
whose hearts and minds are blinded by the god
remember negotiating with our landlord for the
of this world.

right to hold church services in the living room
Dave & Debbie with Cambodian believers.