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We are privileged to lead a team of missionaries
who were reached with the Gospel in our home
church in Long Beach, California. We could
have never imagined that some of the junior
high Cambodian young people whom God
allowed us and others to impact from 1990–
2003 would one day grow up, marry each other,
graduate from Bible college, recognize the call
of God upon their lives to return to the country
where their parents had fled from the Khmer
Rouge Communist regime some 25 years
earlier, successfully complete the sometimes
grueling ministry of deputation, and then one
day serve together with us here in Cambodia!
I clearly remember Dr. Don Sisk coming to
preach at our home church in Long Beach
back around 1991 and challenging my pastor,
Dr. Joe Esposito, and our leaders with his
conviction that God would one day call
Cambodian-Americans to the mission field
from our very own church. I thank God for
the insight God gave him and for his loving
but firm admonition to obey the command
to not just win souls locally but to develop a
biblical missions ministry in the local church
that supported missionaries all around the
world while at the same time anticipated the
day when God would one day call our own
members to the foreign field. God has truly
blended together a team of national believers
with these co-laborers from our home church
who have known each other for over two
decades and who are knit together with us
in love and the common purpose to glorify
Christ by making His name known in some
Auditorium 12
of the most spiritually dark places in the 10/40
Window. Though we were content to simply rent facilities
for our church services and various ministries,
we began to realize that once our lease was up
it was likely that our rent was going to double.

As we began looking around for facilities that
would accommodate our young church, it was
evident we were being squeezed out of the
rapidly rising Phnom Penh rental market. In
August 2019 after meeting with a supporting
pastor and great friend who came to visit us
here on the field, we came to the conviction
that God would have us to purchase land and
build our own building.

After looking at several properties downtown,
we realized that unless God miraculously
provided, there would be no way for us to
purchase a plot of land let alone build a
building. We began looking at property that
was somewhat more affordable at the edge of
town. Though it would require our people to
travel one hour each way to get to church, it
seemed that God was leading us to purchase
the property. We placed a down payment of
$10,000 from money our church had saved for
land and were given 60 days to come up with
the remaining balance. Our faith was about
to be tested as well as strengthened in ways
we could have never anticipated! Through
generous friends and local churches in the
States, we were able to pay off the balance of
$75,000 well before the deadline! Then came
the challenge of building a building on the .4
acre plot of land the Lord had provided.