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By Sam Hutchens
When our family first moved to New Zealand
in January 2018, I had no aspirations to have a
Chinese ministry. I was not even aware there
was a sizeable Chinese population in the city
of Christchurch! Little did we realize God had
different plans.

Two Chinese women walked in for our Sunday
afternoon service in April 2018. One of them
was teaching the Chinese language to one of
our teen girls named Chloe. Chloe had invited
her to come for a service several times, and now
she came and brought a friend. There was one
problem! While their English was good, the
sermon moved too quickly for them to really
grasp what was being said. As I discussed this
with a layman in our church named Warren,
he made a suggestion. We have a weekly Friday
Sam & Juliana Hutchins & family
night Bible Study. He offered to go through
some basic discipleship material with them at a
slower pace while I taught the main study. We
set it up and invited the ladies back.

Two Fridays later, those two women returned
with two more friends, and the weekly Friday
Chinese Bible Study was born. Slowly, over
the course of a couple of months, the numbers
rose from four to nine or ten. Warren moved
very slowly through basic Bible truths, starting
with a thorough understanding of the Gospel.

Most had never heard this before, so there were
questions—lots of questions. Many Friday
nights Warren and I would sit with some of
the Chinese after the Bible Study and answer
questions—questions about creation, God,
Jesus, the Bible, faith, sin, and salvation.

Some of the Chinese baptized in November of 2018.