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It seemed as though we might only
answer questions and never actually see
anyone saved. I can remember getting a
bit discouraged after several months had
passed with no apparent progress. Then
one night, I was having a conversation
with one of the ladies named Kristen who
had been coming. I had just answered
three or four new questions, but she still
was not ready to be saved. I must have
looked a little sad because she finished
the conversation by saying, “Pastor, please
keep being patient with us. We are getting
close.” It was just a few weeks later when Kristen
trusted Christ, along with her husband,
Feng. Mike and Jin were saved and then
Tony. In November 2018, we baptized these
five and they became our “core” group of
Chinese believers. All five are still faithfully
attending, growing, and witnessing.

They are not the only ones who have been
saved. David got saved not long after.

Jonathan was attending our Bible studies
and then he moved to Auckland before we
could see him trust Christ. We passed his
information to a Kiwi pastor friend, Paul
Brinkman. A few weeks later, I received a
text from Pastor Brinkman that Jonathan
had trusted Christ! He has since moved
back and been baptized. Then there were
Steven and Lynn. Lily trusted Christ and
is now back in China. Earlier this year,
Fiona trusted Jesus. Her husband, Tiger,
maintained that he was not quite ready,
though we constantly witnessed to him.

He made the decision to be saved on
September 28. Just a few days before, Liam
trusted Christ, and back in August John
was saved.

We now have 15–20 Chinese coming every
Friday night, many still searching for the
truth. Warren still teaches while I do the
English study with an advanced discipleship
class at 6:00 for the believers and a broader
study at 7:00 for everyone else.

In July, we started a Sunday worship service
just for the Chinese. We sing together and
One of the Chinese believers with Sam
they learn songs they have never heard before. We
take an offering and they give. I preach and our
translator, Jackie, translates. We hold an invitation
at the end and invite those who are still not saved to
trust Christ. At the same time we encourage those
who are saved to be obedient to the way the Holy
Spirit is leading them. It is not unusual to spend time
answering more questions after the service to help
those curious unbelievers learn more.

Many still need the Lord, and we pray for them
regularly. We are hopeful that in the next few months
we will see many of these trust Christ.

Yes, we have seen Kiwis come to the Lord. We have
seen good numerical and spiritual growth amongst
our English-speaking congregation. God has been
blessing the church as a whole. As I look back on
nearly three years of ministry in Christchurch, the
one thing that always surprises me most is what
God has done in using our church to reach Chinese
people. By His grace, we will continue to answer
their questions; preach the Gospel; and see them
saved, baptized, and discipled for the glory of God. W
Number 1, 2021