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For many months now, the entire world has
been focused on finding a cure for COVID-
19. That focus intensified proportionately
with the spread of the virus and the
subsequent deaths. As human beings, our
mortality is emphasized during epidemics,
plagues, and calamities. As Christians,
the immortality of human souls should
be emphasized when we see these tragic
events unfold around the globe. Our
focus on promoting God’s cure for the
worldwide virus called Sin should intensify
proportionately with the spread of that
virus and the subsequent deaths. While
scientists work to find
cures for the physical
needs of humanity,
believers need to make
known God’s remedy
for the spiritual need of
mankind. When I was a child, I
enjoyed watching old
westerns on television.

I remember in a few of
those shows a traveling
“doctor” would come
David H. Snyder
President/General Director
to town selling an
elixir he claimed would
cure everything from the common cold to
cancer. In the next scene, the town’s people
were flocking to the wagon of the smooth-
talking salesman to quickly purchase his
2 BIMI Number 1, 2021
sure-fire remedy for their ailments. Later
in the episode, after everyone discovered
that the “medicine” they purchased was a
hoax, the traveling “doctor” was run out of
town—and told to never come back.

We may laugh as we watch actors portray
situations like the one I just described.

However, the sad fact is that the scenario
mentioned above is being played out
spiritually in our world today. Tragically,
many people are flocking to illegitimate
spiritual “doctors” who are selling a cure-
all elixir for spiritual health. Anyone who
is claiming to have a cure other than Jesus
Christ is selling “snake oil.” Jesus is the only
genuine cure for the eternally devastating
virus called Sin. Experiencing God’s saving
health is the only way we can be cured from
the Sin Virus. God has an “eternal healthcare
plan” available to anyone desiring to be
healed. There are three main parts to this
plan that I would like to emphasize in this
editorial. First, Jesus Christ is the all-knowing, all-
caring Chief Physician. The Lord has
never made a misdiagnosis or prescribed
a wrong medication. His bedside manner
is beyond kind, empathetic, and loving.

King David declared that God is the One
Who forgiveth all our iniquities and healeth
all our diseases (Psalm 103:3). Scripture
also declares that He healeth the broken in