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By Kris Baggett
We recently received a message as a testimony to the love of Christ being shown through our
missionaries Chuck and Susan Sligh, serving in Grafenwoehr (GRAF), Germany. The message is
as follows:
Our daughter, Liz, recently returned to Prague, where she is teaching English. She left
Europe on March 11. She was in the middle of renewing her work visa that was expiring
April 30. Embassy officials advised her to return to Prague before April 30 or she would
not be able to re-enter.

This was very difficult due to the Prague airport being closed to all but medical supply
aircraft. She decided to fly to Germany and then take a train (with four transfers) to Prague.

Long story short, her final train transfer was cancelled and she was stranded in the forest
at the border of the Czech Republic and Germany at an isolated train station in the night
with all of the hotels closed due to COVID-19.

God had His eye on my little lost lamb. I knew no one in Germany, but I recalled a Bible
Study that I attended where a quiet young mom shared that she was new to the United
States and lonely for her family in Germany.

I reached out to her to see if she had any family or friends who could help my daughter. She
reached out to Pastor Sligh in Germany, who guided Lizzy to a train bound for his town.

At 1 a.m., this seventy-plus-year-old man picked Lizzy up from the train station, took her
to a little apartment on the church grounds where she could stay the night, and gave her
German currency for morning coffee and bread from a shop near the church.

The pastor then arranged for a church member to drive Liz to the border the next day. One
of Lizzy’s students drove two hours from the center of Prague to intercept her on the other
side and take her back to her apartment in the city center.

Bryan & Kris Baggett
with Susan & Chuck Sligh