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Two weeks later, you asked me to spend the night at your house. Again, something
normally I would never do but for whatever reason, I did. Your family and you became a
great encouragement to me.

I do not remember a single sermon over those five months. I do not remember a single
youth event, but I have over the course of 35 years used the illustration of you and your
family as real Christianity, real kindness, and real compassion hundreds of times.

As a result of that simple act of kindness, my life went one way when it had gotten on
the pathway to go another. I have long wanted to thank you, so I thank my God for the
remembrance of you and your family (Philippians 1:3).

The greatest tool at your disposal for ministry to anyone is how you live your life. Choose to love
others and to reach out beyond those with whom you are comfortable and that you know. Open
your hearts and homes to strangers.

As military personnel and their families move in and out of communities, they are facing so many
changes and in some cases real hardships. It is the responsibility of the body of Christ to reach out,
to love, and to serve—even if you never receive an email like this one. Only in heaven will it be
revealed how God used our lives when submitted to Him for His glory. W
Military ministry is a family ministry.

Number 1, 2021