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By Tim Barrett
So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall
accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

My wife, Lidia, and I are BIMI missionaries
in Brazil. Lidia is Brazilian and comes from a
third-generation Christian family. That might
not seem so impressive, but it is quite rare in
Brazil, a country that has been a Roman Catholic
stronghold for centuries. Our first BIMI
missionaries to Brazil came at considerable
peril since most cities and towns
were dominated by the Catholic
Church that until recently was
quite open in its persecution of
evangelical Christians.

Who was this missionary distributing Bibles on
horse and wagon? Only the Lord knows! Yet,
the fruit of his labor endures for generations!
Sr. Antonio Pereira Dias, Lidia’s grandfather,
was called Home to be with the Lord in his sleep
in 1992. He was 84 years old. The day before, he
had practiced with the church choir and then
gone to the local bus station to
hand out Gospel tracts as was
his habit. There are stories of
people who approached him
and said that they were saved
after reading the tract he had
handed them years before.

The story of how Lidia’s family
came to know the Lord is quite
fascinating. Many years ago,
Today, there are children and
her grandfather’s family was Tim & Lidia Barrett
grandchildren of his family
living in a small laid-back town
who are serving the Lord all
in the mountains of the state of
over Brazil. His granddaughters Lidia and
Minas Gerais. One bright day, an American
Ruth are missionaries and grandson Josias is a
missionary rode through their town on a
Brazilian pastor and married to my sister Lisa
horse and wagon, distributing Bibles to the
(yes, brother and sister married brother and
population. That same day, the priest went by
sister). All have been trained in churches and
every home confiscating the Bibles. When he
Bible institutes started by BIMI missionaries
came to Lidia’s grandfather’s house, one of the
in Brazil. Only in eternity will we know how
daughters who was the only one home and did
many souls have been saved as a result of that
not know her father had hidden the Bible in
one Bible, given by one unnamed missionary
the loft told the priest and his entourage that
on horse, who drove through the hills of Minas
they did not have one. All the other Bibles in
Gerais, handing out Bibles many years ago! W
town were confiscated.

It was through the reading of God’s Word that
Lidia’s grandfather and his family came to know
the true Gospel and eventually all accepted
Christ as their personal Savior. The family later
moved from the country to the city of Orlandia
around the time that missionary Bobby Powell
was starting the first Baptist church in that town.

Later, other BIMI missionaries, Dan Johnson
and Phil Allen, would help in that ministry.

Number 1, 2021
Author’s note: My parents, Larry and Lydabelle
Barrett, along with my sister and me, came to Brazil
in 1976. Later, three other children were born to
them in Brazil. In 2001, my wife and I were accepted
into the BIMI family, officially making me a second-
generation missionary to Brazil. As our children
and nieces and nephews are also serving the Lord
here, there are now three generations of Barretts in
Brazil—23 members and counting!