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By Clint Vernoy
If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that (James 4:15).

God has done a wonderful work in Paraguay. He brought
Christians for Worldwide Evangelism (CWE) and the Iglesia
Bautista Sin Fronteras (IBSF) together in His time to do His
work. I am Clint Vernoy. My wife, Rita, and I have been missionaries
with BIMI for 36 years in South America. We were first in
Venezuela and are now in Paraguay. Over the years, we have
been involved in three different building projects for churches.

Our project with CWE was the fourth. This project was
obviously done according to the Lord’s will, moving both CWE
and us to join together at this time.

Our project was approved by CWE in October 2019 but only if we could do it during the
first quarter of 2020. The only time IBSF could do the build was March 2020. COVID-
19 brought the world to a halt in March 2020, but COVID-19 has no effect on the will of
God. • All the materials for construction were purchased before the worldwide shut down.

Luck, planning, or God?
• Group one of the CWE work teams arrived March 15, 2020, a week before Paraguay
closed its borders to international travel. Luck, planning, or God?
• Because we changed the accommodations for the group in February and they stayed
at the property next door to the construction site rather than across town where
originally planned, they were in compliance with all health guidelines and restrictions
that came into effect in Paraguay on March 16, the day after their arrival. Luck,
planning, or God?
• With only a one-minute commute/walk to the worksite and by working with joy and
fervor from sunrise to sundown and more, the workers were able to complete 75% of
work scheduled to take 21 days in 4 1/2 days. Luck, planning, or God?
• The airline cancelled and rescheduled flights for the group three times and then
cancelled and said, “Sorry, we cannot help you get home!” The group was then able to
fly out using the last seats on a State Department repatriation flight, the last flight to
the United States before Paraguay closed the airport to all commercial flights. Luck,
planning, or God?
I see what the author of the book of James is saying. To plan is important, but, to trust
in God and live in obedience to His will without fear is crucial. I thank God for CWE
and their planning. I thank God for the group of believers who came willing to do this
or that, believing that God would keep and protect. I thank God for the promise that
the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. I thank God for the testimony to the
neighborhood of the work and love of Christians towards the world—love that does not
change even in the midst of the storm named Pandemic COVID-19. Remember, the
storms we are in that seem so bad are to God just like another walk across the lake. We
just need to get out of the boat and join Him and show His greatness. W
Number 1, 2021