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Home with the Lord
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints (Psalm 116:15).

Wayne Witherell , retired Missionary (94), went Home to be with the
Lord on Sunday, July 5, 2020. Wayne and his wife, Frances, surrendered to be mis-
sionaries to Peru as independent missionaries and then joined BIMI in 1971. The
Witherells also served in Spain and Venezuela and Puerto Rico. After 30 years, they
retired; however, retirement was not for them so they reenlisted as missionaries
and returned to South America.

Wayne’s daughter wrote the following about her dad: “He was a Jack-of-all trades,
a musician, an artist, and a missionary for 52 years, but most of all, he was a child of God who lived
and served Him everywhere he went. He never passed up an opportunity to share the Gospel with
people.” Faye Biggerstaff Painter
, a faithful servant of
On August 31, 2020
the Lord, went home to Heaven. Faye and her husband Dale Painter joined BIMI in
1977. They would move many times during their ministry with the USA division of
BIMI. Faye and her husband planted three churches and pastored mission churches
in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. She
loved to witness from door to door during their ministry and knocked on hundreds
of doors telling people about Jesus and leading many to Lord. Shortly before her
Homegoing Faye told her doctor, “Whether I live or whether I die I am the Lord’s. My time is in
his hands.”
Roland and Sandra Simeonsson , Emeritus Missionaries,
went Home to be with the Lord only two hours apart on Saturday, October
10, 2020. Roland and his wife, Sandra, were approved as BIMI missionaries
to Japan in 1970. They spent 10 years as missionaries in Japan prior to joining
BIMI. Roland and Sandra served as missionaries until their retirement in
January 2017. Long after they could have retired, the Simeonssons continued
to start churches and reach the Japanese people both in Japan and in Hawaii.

They leave behind a legacy of Gamagori Baptist Church, Hikarinosono
Preschool, and Fukkatsuen Memorial Gardens, along with helping build seven additional churches
in Japan and completing several missions in China. Their love and commitment to the Japanese
people spanned multi-generations.

Steven Anner
BIMI Missionary
(69) went Home to be with the Lord on
Tuesday afternoon, October 20, 2020. Steven and his first wife Cathy had a heart for
missions and joined BIMI in 1996. They served as missionaries in Mexico. Cathy went
home to be with the Lord in 2009. Steven resigned from BIMI in order to meet the
needs of their son, Jonathan. The Lord brought a single missionary into Steven’s life and
he married Debra Kay George. Steven and Debra joined BIMI in 2014 as missionaries
to Honduras. Over the past six years, they served the Lord together in a number of
Spanish-speaking ministries. Due to health issues, they returned to the States. While waiting to get
back into Honduras, Steven contracted COVID-19 and he finished his course.

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