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By Jeffri Polanco
“native” man by surprise were already factored
When I was a young man, the Lord gave me a
into God’s perfect plan.

calling to return home after more than a decade
in America. As my wife and I reflected on the
In my eagerness to return home to the
things the Lord has done for
Dominican Republic, I had
us during our short time in
no anticipation of having
ministry, we were reminded
cultural challenges. Often, I
of the instance when Jesus
heard people speak of cultural
commanded a man to return
shock, but the term was
to his people. Go home to thy
foreign to me. How much can
friends, and tell them how
things change in a couple of
great things the Lord hath
years? I learned the hard way
done for thee, and hath had
that it is not whether things
Jeffri & Pam Polanco
compassion on thee (Mark
changed, but it is the fact
5:19). Similarly to that man’s
that I changed. Interaction
calling in Mark, I count it
with a different culture had utterly altered my
a blessing that the Lord wanted me to return
way of thinking and living. It was customary
to my home nation and share His Good News
for me as a boy to deal with the incredibly
with my people. Being called to return to my
warm weather, spontaneous routines, and
country has been one of the greatest blessings
unplanned visits and activities. Nevertheless,
of my life; however, there were a few factors I
by the time I returned to the Dominican, my
did not anticipate when I surrendered to follow
life had a new normal. In this transitional
God’s will. Thankfully, the things that took a
season that I had not anticipated, the Lord