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By Rick & Sarah Demastus
We arrived in Scotland in August 2017 after
two and a half years of deputation. We spent
our first year working with another missionary
family and were involved in the ministry right
away. I preached and led singing.

Sarah sang specials, played the
piano, and kept the nursery
for the church. We went
soul winning every week
and passed out tracts. A
few months after Sarah
gave birth to Jocelyn, she
started a walking meet-up
group called Strolling Mums
to meet other local moms with
their kids and to share the Gospel
and invite them to church.

After a year, we ventured out on our own into
Aberdeen, Scotland, and started Open Door
Baptist Church. We put out 10,000 mailers
with invitations to our meet and greets and
our Sunday and Wednesday services. A few
families came to our meet and greets to see
who we were. They were excited to see a new
church being started. We had three families
our first Sunday and one family at our first
Wednesday Bible Study. The church continued
to grow as we went out each week passing out
tracts and inviting people to church.

In the first year of the new church plant, we
were blessed to see souls saved and have our
first baptism service. This greatly encouraged
the church. In the spring, a church mission
group came and helped host a Super Spring
Spectacular (kids/teen event). Over 80 kids,
15 teens, and 40 adults attended. It was an
amazing event and the community got to know
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a little about who Open Door Baptist Church
is and to hear the Gospel clearly presented.

That summer we had a Family and Friend Day
Sunday. It was our largest Sunday since we
started the church with over 42
in attendance. Some of the
families had come to our
Super Spring Spectacular
and others were invited
by our church folks.

In August, we held a
Missions’ Month and
introduced Faith Promise
missions. This was a new
concept for our church people,
but after hearing God’s Word preached and
hearing from some visiting church planters,
they promised over £4000 a year. God is good!
We had our one year anniversary in October
2019. We reflected on all God had done and the
souls who had been saved and baptized. Some
church members gave their testimonies to
encourage those who were not saved to accept
Christ as their Savior. At the end of the service,
a young teenager who had been coming since
we started raised his hand and came to accept
Christ! He and others started to go out with me
week after week to pass out tracts in Aberdeen.

Three groups from the States were scheduled to
be with us in 2020, but COVID-19 happened
and we had to reschedule for 2021. During the
isolation, we were able to continue services on
livestream to Facebook and YouTube.

Our church has remained faithful and we have
gained new families as well. A woman from a
nearby town watched our services and trusted

Mums Christ! Our oldest daughter, Madelyn, also
heard the Gospel clearly and accepted Christ! It
may have been a difficult time for many, but we
continued to stay encouraged by having Zoom
fellowships and trivia nights. Sarah started a
Zoom book study with the church ladies, and
ladies from her Strolling Mums group have also
joined in. We held our first in-person service in
July and had a good number of people come
to the outdoor church service. One visitor who
came said, “This is home.” Praise the Lord!
Although they speak English, we learned
quickly that we spoke American. The people,
the food, the culture, and the language are
so different in many ways. It is a culture and
people that it takes time to gain their trust.

After time in showing people that we care, they
began to accept the things we tell them from
God’s Word. We did not come to Scotland to
give the people our advice or opinions; we
came to give them the truths from God’s Word
and how powerful it is—still changing lives!
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do
it (1 Thessalonians 5:24). God is still working,
and we are happy to be in the center of God’s
perfect will for our lives. W
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