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Mums Christ! Our oldest daughter, Madelyn, also
heard the Gospel clearly and accepted Christ! It
may have been a difficult time for many, but we
continued to stay encouraged by having Zoom
fellowships and trivia nights. Sarah started a
Zoom book study with the church ladies, and
ladies from her Strolling Mums group have also
joined in. We held our first in-person service in
July and had a good number of people come
to the outdoor church service. One visitor who
came said, “This is home.” Praise the Lord!
Although they speak English, we learned
quickly that we spoke American. The people,
the food, the culture, and the language are
so different in many ways. It is a culture and
people that it takes time to gain their trust.

After time in showing people that we care, they
began to accept the things we tell them from
God’s Word. We did not come to Scotland to
give the people our advice or opinions; we
came to give them the truths from God’s Word
and how powerful it is—still changing lives!
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do
it (1 Thessalonians 5:24). God is still working,
and we are happy to be in the center of God’s
perfect will for our lives. W
Outdoor Service