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Military Missions

When we talk about the ministry of Military Missions, we are speaking of reaching our service personnel and their families with the Gospel of Christ and training them to serve the Lord through the local church. Jesus gave the Great Commission to His church and commanded us to take the Gospel to every continent, country, culture, creed and creature in the world. This includes more than two million men and women who are now serving in our armed forces.

Our military personnel are a RIPENED FIELD who need the Savior. Military missionaries can effectively reach them for Christ. While our government focuses on the physical fitness of our forces, we believe the church must concentrate its efforts on strengthening Christian military personnel with good solid biblical instruction. The very best way to train and equip them to serve the Lord is through good local churches near the bases where they are stationed. They also need love and concern—provided through the outreach ministry of the church.

The military personnel are also a REACHABLE FIELD, whether they are stationed stateside or overseas. In most cases in the USA, there is a good local church that can help us reach them but overseas we concentrate on planting churches near the bases to minister the Gospel in those regions beyond. Some of the areas have a population of several thousands of Americans who are fertile soil in which to plant Bible-believing churches.

Military personnel and their families are also a RESPONSIVE FIELD because the lonely hearts are fertile ground for the seed of the Gospel. Without exception, military missionaries are finding the young men and women of our military ready to listen to the Gospel message. Strong churches are now operating in many countries with several missionaries conducting deputation to enter yet other countries. These congregations are centers of evangelism, penetrating the military community with the good news of eternal life in Christ. Souls are being saved, lives are being changed, broken homes are being mended and many young men are giving their lives to the service of our Lord. Such is the ministry of Military Missions.

Would you pray with us about this wonderful and exciting ministry of Military Missions? Would you prayerfully consider joining with us in this great endeavor of ministering to our 2.16 million men and women who wear our nation's uniform?

International Representative of Military Ministries

Jeff & Joyce Alverson

Read more about the Alversons. He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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Euro-Islam (Europe)
• Islam: the fastest growing religion in Europe
• Many European cities with Muslim concentrations of 15–25%
• Very few Muslims having heard the Gospel

Rwanda (Africa)
• Most densely populated country in Africa
• To our knowledge, only one Baptist church planter working here
• Language preference recently changed from French to English

Tohoku, Japan (Far East)
• Northern part of Honshu (tsunami hit area)
• Includes 6 different prefectures
• Population 9,335,636 (only 11 independent Baptist churches)

Oceania Islanders (Southeast Asia)
• 71 language groups in the Solomon Islands
• Land mass of Papua New Guinea larger than California
• 108 language groups in Vanuatu

Greenland (Far North)
• Population of approximately 56,500
• 88% Inuit and 12% European
• State religion: Lutheranism

US Military Personnel (Military Missions)
• US military presence in 150 countries
• Our goal: to see a church planted near every military base
• Often results in international ministry

Northwestern United States (USA)
• Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
• Home to over 13 million citizens
• The state of Washington: highest percentage of people in US claiming to have no religion

The Mayan Nation (Central America)
• Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize
• Between 20 & 30 million Mayan descendants
• 69 different spoken dialects

Northern Dominican Republic (Caribbean)
• Over 2 million people in this area
• Immediate need for 8 churches
• Very little work done in this area by independent Baptists

French Guiana (South America)
• Population 235,000 (70% Creole and approximately 14% European ancestry)
• 83% Catholic with no known independent Baptist missionaries
• Predominantly French speaking with a Creole/Caribbean culture

The Forgotten People of the Amazon (Brazil)
• Largest concentrations of uncontacted people in the world
• Most remote and uncharted places on earth, yet inhabited by 67 different people groups
• Mobile medical clinics opening doors in areas otherwise inaccessible