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Open Doors for Church Planting

USA Northwest

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

This section of the U.S. is home to over 13 million citizens. Some people living in this region of the country are traveling one to two hours to attend a Gospel preaching church. The state of Washington has the highest percentage of people in the nation who say they have no religion.
(Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, USA Today)

Target city for new churches in the Northwest: Seattle, Washington
Seattle is the largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest with a population of 3.4 million people living in the city and surrounding area.

Other cities where there are open doors for church planting in the Northwest:
• Portland, Oregon, Population 2.2 million
• Boise, Idaho, Population 205,000

Other U.S. Regions and Opportunities

USA South
Target city for new churches in the South:

Miami, Florida
8 million people in the Miami metropolitan area

Other cities where there are open doors for church planting in the South:
• Atlanta, Georgia
• Plano, Texas
• Austin, Texas

USA West
Target city for new churches in the West:
Los Angeles, California
9.8 million people in the Los Angeles metropolitan area

Other cities where there are open doors for church planting in the West:
• San Diego, California
• Sacramento, California

USA Northeast
Target city for new churches in the Northeast:
New York City, New York
19 million people in the New York City metropolitan area

Other cities where there are open doors for church planting in the Northeast:
• Boston, Massachusetts
• Bridgeport, Connecticut

USA Midwest
Target city for new churches in the Midwest: Chicago, Illinois
9.8 million people in the Chicago metropolitan area

Other cities where there are open doors for church planting in the Midwest:
• Minneapolis, Minnesota
• Madison, Wisconsin

The Need for Church Planting in the U.S.

Church Planting is a mandate found in the Word of God. Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 28:18–20, "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen." In Mark 16:15 our Lord again gave this command when He said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

Our mission field is the world and we must remember America is part of that world. Missions is not geography, missions is people. Mission work involves reaching people wherever they are with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To accomplish the Great Commission is to go into all the world with the Gospel. Therefore, the church must understand and carry out the twofold goal of missions. The immediate objective of missions is to reach the lost and the ultimate objective of missions is to plant churches.

Unfortunately, every year in America approximately 4,500 churches close their doors. In a single year over 850 of those churches were Baptist churches. Nearly 50% of all the independent Baptist churches that have been started here in the United States have failed or are failing. Many established churches are turning away from Bible-based preaching and teaching. Other established churches are in decline and some are closing their doors and selling their properties. Meanwhile, thousands of cities and towns across America still do not have a New Testament Baptist church nor is there one within a 50 mile radius.

The New Testament Baptist church shortage in our country contributes to an ever growing population in America that does not know God. This shortage of Gospel preaching churches leads to a serious shortage of funds for world evangelism. The need is great and the time is short. It is time to Reseed America with more New Testament Baptist churches.

BIMI Reseeding America Ministry

Leading the way in an effort to encourage church planting is the Reseeding America Ministry of Baptist International Missions, Inc., assisting local churches and their missionary church planters in numerous ways when it comes to church planting here in the United States. Placing itself under the authority of the local church and local pastor, Reseeding America assists the local church, its church planter, and pastor in the preplanning and "start-up" of a new church.

Sending churches and pastors are given the opportunity and freedom to be involved in any or all aspects of the new church plant and ministry of the new church. After the new church is planted, Reseeding America offers the sending church and church planter ongoing assistance to get the new church established and growing.

Partnering with local churches in the formation of church planting teams, Reseeding America coordinates with church groups to help a new church planter start a church out of a sister church. Teams help with distribution of literature and assist the church planter and his family as the new church is started.

In addition to church planting, the Reseeding America Ministry of BIMI assists local churches that are in decline, providing help for churches struggling to reach their community for Christ. The restarting of churches is a vital part of the Reseeding America Ministry. By utilizing many of the same biblical methods that are used in new church plants, churches have been reopened, revived and restarted.

Reseeding America also conducts church planting schools in local churches, Bible colleges and Bible institutes to challenge congregations and future church planters concerning opportunities for church planting here in America. Each year Reseeding America Missions Conferences are held in a number of local churches across our nation. We work with pastors to organize the conference so that church planting in the USA is the theme and focus.

One of the best missions investments a church can make in this hour is to invest in church planting in America. Every dollar invested in church planting in the U.S. will be multiplied tenfold, twentyfold, thirtyfold and more as each new church that is planted will support and send missionaries to the regions beyond.

Please pray with us that many New Testament Baptist churches here in America will see the need to plant new churches and reproduce themselves. Pray that churches that are in decline or that are closed can be jump-started or reopened. Pray that men of God will answer the call to step out by faith to plant or reopen churches across America and that God will send forth more laborers into His harvest and that we will see a renewed spirit of soul winning and church planting that will sweep across America and to the ends of the world.

USA Director

Robert & Jennifer Larson

Read more about the Larsons. He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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Euro-Islam (Europe)
• Islam: the fastest growing religion in Europe
• Many European cities with Muslim concentrations of 15–25%
• Very few Muslims having heard the Gospel

Rwanda (Africa)
• Most densely populated country in Africa
• To our knowledge, only one Baptist church planter working here
• Language preference recently changed from French to English

Tohoku, Japan (Far East)
• Northern part of Honshu (tsunami hit area)
• Includes 6 different prefectures
• Population 9,335,636 (only 11 independent Baptist churches)

Oceania Islanders (Southeast Asia)
• 71 language groups in the Solomon Islands
• Land mass of Papua New Guinea larger than California
• 108 language groups in Vanuatu

Greenland (Far North)
• Population of approximately 56,500
• 88% Inuit and 12% European
• State religion: Lutheranism

US Military Personnel (Military Missions)
• US military presence in 150 countries
• Our goal: to see a church planted near every military base
• Often results in international ministry

Northwestern United States (USA)
• Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming
• Home to over 13 million citizens
• The state of Washington: highest percentage of people in US claiming to have no religion

The Mayan Nation (Central America)
• Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize
• Between 20 & 30 million Mayan descendants
• 69 different spoken dialects

Northern Dominican Republic (Caribbean)
• Over 2 million people in this area
• Immediate need for 8 churches
• Very little work done in this area by independent Baptists

French Guiana (South America)
• Population 235,000 (70% Creole and approximately 14% European ancestry)
• 83% Catholic with no known independent Baptist missionaries
• Predominantly French speaking with a Creole/Caribbean culture

The Forgotten People of the Amazon (Brazil)
• Largest concentrations of uncontacted people in the world
• Most remote and uncharted places on earth, yet inhabited by 67 different people groups
• Mobile medical clinics opening doors in areas otherwise inaccessible