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Papua New Guinea Bible Distribution

PNG Update
December 2021

Under the city of Rome are miles of underground caves that were used as burial grounds for an estimated four million Jews and Christians. As archeologists researched these catacombs, they discovered that the most common saying on the walls was a quote from 2 Timothy 2:9, The word of God is not bound. Even today, Satan’s tactics have not changed. He tries constantly to stop the Word of God from going forth. Whether COVID-19 or lockdowns, the Word of God is not bound. God promises that His Word will not return void.

It is with great joy that I recently received the required visa to be able to return to Papua New Guinea. The embassy had been struggling with COVID-19 restrictions, causing many workers to not be in the office, which caused the delay in notification of its approval. I contacted my travel agent concerning the return trip and was advised to wait a month to buy my tickets because of all that is happening with the airlines and the different countries. Please continue to pray that travel will be allowed and that God would break down all barriers.

It is also a joy to share an update that I received from national Pastor Davie Karol on the island province of Manus. He has been able to travel by boat and four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach out with the Gospel and distribute Bibles to over 16 schools in extremely remote areas. Many of the headmasters and teachers of the schools have expressed joy in seeing their small remote schools not overlooked or forgotten. Can you imagine what God can do with these young people that most of the world knows little about? God cares and loves them all no matter where they live geographically, even in the most remote areas. God delights in taking the little and making much of it.

By God’s grace, we have printed and shipped 1 million Bibles, and an additional 100,000 Bibles have been ordered to be printed. Approximately 780,000 of the original 1 million have been distributed. When the additional 100,000 arrive, we will have a total of 320,000 Bibles to be given to students. The magnitude of this opportunity never ceases to amaze me with over 1.1 million Bibles. That means 1.1 million souls will receive the Word of God. How precious are His promises! In times past, we have been able to host teams of workers to assist our efforts, but because of COVID-19 all extra help from the United States and other countries has been curtailed. Definite prayer will be a necessity to be able to accomplish what is set before us! Please pray for timing, protection, and health concerning our travel to PNG and then in the country distributing Bibles. Thank you and may God richly bless you for your continued prayers and financial support!

PNG Update
December 2021

PNG Update
September 2021

It is my desire to update each of you as to what has been happening in Papua New Guinea (PNG) during recent days. The majority of the countries in South East Asia are closed, which stops all international travel into Papua New Guinea. I am glad to report that national pastors and workers who have assisted in this project are continuing to work to the best of their ability to continue the Bible distribution. Students and teachers are receiving their own Bibles even during these trying times and the Gospel is being preached.

My great desire is to get back to Papua New Guinea so that I may be able to be on the ground to coordinate the distribution of the Bibles that have been shipped there already. Although technology has enabled me to continue to coordinate their efforts during this continued pandemic, there is nothing quite like hands-on work. Veteran missionary Mickey Schrimshire and I are actively working on new Visas and special permission to return. It is slow but a continuing process.

There are approximately 200,000 Bibles left that are presently in storage out of the 1 million Bibles already purchased. Our mandate from the beginning has been “As long as we have money, we will continue to buy Bibles.” We have not been actively fundraising since we met the goal of one million Bibles, but God’s people have continued to sacrifice and give. Because of this, we have experienced the tremendous blessing of having enough money to order two more containers of Bibles. Each of these Bibles again will contain the plan of salvation, the Old and New Testament, and a Bible dictionary. This will bring our total for Papua New Guinea to 1,115,000 Bibles brought into the country and distributed to students and teachers alike. This also means 1,115,000 people will have heard the Gospel. Amen and Amen!

I recently received a phone call from the deputy secretary of education in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Wingi, asking if there was a way that we could bring more Bibles to the students. “There is a tremendous need in our schools especially since we have started a new curriculum called Christian Character and Values Education (CCVE).” This curriculum is a direct result of the Bible project and is now being taught as a core subject in the schools. Praise God!

Please pray for the following:
• for our visas to be approved
• for the special permission to be granted to re-enter the country
• for the national pastors working with us
• for those who have been infected with the delta variant that has been reported to have entered the country in July of this year
• for our health and safety
* for our continued financial support

Please take a few minutes to watch our latest update video to see what God is continuing to do in Papua New Guinea and to learn about the future goals and plans for the PNG Bible Project. Even during the pandemic, God is doing great things. Thank you for your faithful support. May the Lord richly bless you!

Alan Brooks

PNG Update
September 2021

PNG Update
July 2021

Alan Brooks

It is a joy to report that the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution continues. One example of this is the following: Gershom Leleko, a national pastor, and the men of Sword Baptist Church in Popondetta had the joy of distributing Bibles to the students in Vudal University. Popondetta is a coastal city located in the eastern province of Ora. In spite of the required need for social distancing, the students received the Bibles with great excitement.

As the summer temperatures rise here in the United States so have things heated up in PNG in a different way. COVID-19 has had its effects. The visa I have been working under in PNG for the last four years has been changed. I have had to begin the process of applying once again but this time for a special work visa to enable me to return to the country. Please pray as this required visa must be done in PNG by a national sponsor while I am required to be out of the country. There are now pages and pages of forms to fill out and multiple background checks that must be sent to the immigration services. Who would have thought that at my age I would need to prove I graduated from high school and college? Praise the Lord, I still have my diplomas! Once this is completed and approved, I must travel to the Papua New Guinea Embassy in Washington, D.C. to receive the proper stamps in my passport. Again, I ask that you pray that the visa will be approved quickly. At this time, most of the countries in Southeast Asia have locked down all international travel. This holds true for PNG as well. This has caused a great deal of chaos. Dr. Wingi, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education, said to me over the phone, “The new restrictions are causing a concern for all of us.” Please pray!
April 2021

Greetings from the Papua New Guinea Bible Project! These last few months have seen many things transpire. Even with all the adversity due to COVID-19, the work continues!

National Pastor Gershom Leleko of Popondetta has been working extremely hard to get into some of the very remote areas in Ora province, distributing Bibles to the students. Due to the geographical composition of the area, travel is extremely difficult. To get the Bibles to these 64 schools, one must take them by boat or 4-wheel drive vehicles over mountainous terrain. Please pray for this endeavor and the safety of those involved. I am presently working to ship additional Bibles to Popondetta in Ora Province to continue the distribution.

Missionary Jason Russell has an outreach ministry helping the remote villages by digging wells for fresh water. He and several of the men from his church traveled 44 hours by boat to the Awaba Secondary School in the Balimo swamps. They spent three Sundays there and saw four men come to Christ and numerous students express their need of the Savior. Jason reported, “We are at Awaba Secondary School drilling a well but also doing the Bible distribution. We spoke and distributed Bibles to 600 students. We drilled, found water, and now we are going to introduce them to the Living Water that always satisfies—the Bible.” I am so truly grateful for the help of missionaries like Jason Russell, national pastors, and laymen who have come alongside to assist in this monumental project.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is going through a major surge in new cases and deaths due to the COVID-19 virus. The prime minister announced that they believe one in four of their population has been infected. This has caused another lockdown to try to stem the tide. The majority of cases are in the major cities, although it is progressively reaching into some of the rural areas. Sadly, the medical facilities which struggle on a normal basis are now being extremely taxed. The majority of the patients stay in wards lined with beds and there is no air conditioning. The following was recently published concerning the epidemic in PNG. “I fear that the current case numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.” The toll on health workers has been severe. In field hospitals workers sweating beneath protective equipment are rushing between beds to tend to the dying. “We fear that we are going to fill all these beds and then we will have nowhere else to continue to care for COVID patients,” said Mangu Kendino, MD, an emergency physician and the chair of the COVID-19 committee at Port Moresby General Hospital. “We’re tired, we’re exhausted, we’re fatigued.” Please fervently pray for the leaders, healthcare workers, and the people of PNG during this time of trial.

The older I get the more I begin to realize the brevity of life. Pastor Philip Sorulen, one of the most influential pastors in PNG and my dear friend, passed away suddenly. He had been pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Lae City for 25 years. This church was originally started by BIMI Missionary John Owens. Brother Philip was one of the deacons and later became pastor when Brother Owens went on to Glory. Pastor Philip’s voice was that of a strong fundamental, independent Baptist in PNG. His influence and preaching will be greatly missed. His life lives on in the many, many people he influenced for the cause of Christ. This congregation lost their pastor as well as one of their deacons, Brother Moris Meison. He died unexpectedly on the same day. Pastor Holmes spoke at both of the funerals and called Brother Moris “Pastor’s armor-bearer.” What a great testimony of a godly deacon! Psalm 116:15 states: Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Lae.

These are trying days but as someone once said, “Has it ever occurred to you that nothing has ever occurred to God?” God knows the end from the beginning and has not lost track of what is happening in the world. Praise God! Thank you for your faithful support and much needed prayers.

Alan & Donna Brooks
PNG Update
January 2021

As we begin to travel through 2021, our minds are drawn to what the future holds. The late Evangelist Lester Roloff when asked what he thought the future held would respond, “As bright as the promises of God.” How true the statement is for our day!

At this time in Papua New Guinea (PNG), it is what we would call their summer vacation since they are below the equator. School is out until February. Before the schools closed for the break, it was a great encouragement to know that many of the national pastors are carrying the load. I have received reports from almost all over the country of progress being made.

In an earlier letter, I asked that we pray for a team from the Haven of Rest Baptist Church outside of Lae in Morobe Province as they traveled to the remote area of Finschhafen. A team of six Christian men, several who are preachers, took the challenge of this trip. The following is a portion of a report.

“Bibles were distributed to 27 schools in the district. A total of 3,096 Bibles were distributed. Land transportation was made available by the local school inspector of the Finschhafen district and we hired a dingy (small boat) to take us to the Tami Islands and the areas that have no excess by roads.

We as a team were blessed to hand these Bibles to each child in these schools. We saw their faces glow with joy as they each said, ‘Thank you.’ They would hold the Bibles up against their chests and some even kissed the covers of the Bibles. Each school representative gave an appreciation address saying that this was their need and they offered a BIG THANK YOU to Baptist International Missions and the Christians of the Baptist Churches in America and around the globe who gave for this special gift—a gift from God!”

They further reported that during the evenings, services were held in many of the villages. Students came with their Bibles and parents to hear the Word shared by Preacher Robin Leo and Preacher Rueben Bill. During these evening meetings, 20 students trusted the Lord as Savior and 11 adults did likewise. I wish there were room to tell all of the stories. Men have been working in East Sepik and Sanduan in the far north. Others have been working in Wewak and on Karkar Island, while others have been working in the Highland provinces. I guess one of the great things in heaven will be to hear how our Lord has brought so many to Himself.

In an earlier prayer letter, I mentioned that “the most fertile ground will stay barren unless the seed is sown.” Pastor Holmes Tako often reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, “You can’t have a harvest if you don’t sow the seed.” Pastor Holmes reported recently of a revival he was part of in the Western Highlands where in three days 117 people were saved. Meanwhile, at Morata Baptist Church in Port Moresby, 32 young men were saved at a special youth service. Truly, God is working in PNG in a big way!

I do have several prayer requests that I would ask you to join with me in prayer. In the last two months I have had some health issues arise that have slowed me down a bit. I am working with my doctor in hopes of being able to control them. Also, please pray for me to be able to travel back to PNG when school starts again. The COVID-19 outbreak has almost totally stopped the international travel to Southeast Asia. I am working with travel agents and trying to get special help from some of my friends in the government. The paper work, red tape, limited access countries, extremely limited flights, and quarantine requirements are quite overwhelming. As most understand, government issues do not move along quickly.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your commitment to missions and to us and our ministry through your prayers and giving. We pray God’s blessing upon you all during the coming year.

PNG Update
October 2020

Dear Friends,

Every day seems to be a new adventure. Psalm 90:12 says, So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. We certainly need wisdom to handle the events of the future. I am so glad that the Word of God is not bound or stopped by COVID-19. In recent months, God’s Word has been given out to young people in some extremely remote areas of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

It is a blessing to have national pastors working alongside to help continue this project. Pastor Thomas and the men of Haven of Rest Baptist Church in Lae City are making preparations to travel six hours by small boats on the ocean waters to do the schools in the remote area of Finschafen. This area is very difficult to reach and once there the conditions are quite primitive. Some of the schools are located along the coastline, while others are on remote islands. There are 23 schools with 3,136 students and teachers. Please pray for this great outreach and for the safety of these dear men of God! It is exciting to see primary schools on the island province of Manus receiving the Bibles. Pastor Davies Karol, who has been assisting in the PNG Bible Distribution Project, has traveled by boat to 18 remote primary schools. Many of these schools are not large, but the students and teachers were so happy to know that they were remembered and not forgotten in spite of their remote locations. I am grateful for these dear pastors who not only help to distribute these Bibles but also share the Gospel to all the students and teachers at each school. Several of the head teachers wrote great notes of appreciation. Mr. Puka Tapk of Mbuke Primary School wrote, “We appreciate the giving of Bibles to the schools of Manus. They truly contribute to acknowledging God in their lives.” Mr. Kapalu of Patu Primary School wrote, “We are grateful for having these Bibles. They should help students with their reading and assist with our spiritual living.” One teacher states, “On behalf of Bondek primary school, I am very thankful for what you and your group have done by distributing Bibles to our students. The students will read and learn to prepare them for eternity.” The head teacher of Pere Primary School wrote, “A great opportunity for all students to have a Bible each. One may be longing to have a Bible but who could afford and where can one be found.” A teacher at Butjou Primary School wrote, “It will also help our children to change their bad attitudes and habits.” As you can see, the Word of God is not bound, but it is freely touching the hearts of multitudes of people. Please pray that Papua New Guinea will totally open up again in all the provinces of the country. The happenings in our lives seem to change daily; however, thank the Lord, God’s Word never changes! It is sharper than a two-edged sword and will never return void. Praise God!

We are truly grateful for those of you who have continued to support our ministry during these changing times due to COVID-19. We covet your prayers for our personal health, financial support, and the Papua New Guinea Bible Distribution Project.

PNG Update
July 2020

Alan Brooks

The last few months have been filled with many new and unexpected experiences all across the world. The government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) locked everything down with the onslaught of the Coronavirus at the end of March. All international and domestic flights were canceled. All schools, stores, and open markets were closed as well as public vehicle transportation. The government has declared a “state of emergency” until September 17. Anyone flying into the country now is required to have special permission from the government to do so and those allowed entry must be put into quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. The government is beginning to loosen some of the restrictions inside the country in certain areas, including opening of the schools. That, of course, may change as they have begun to report new cases of the virus. As in the United States, areas and cities vary in limitations and restrictions and are subject to change daily.

I mentioned before that in March we received four more containers of Bibles into the country. I have often looked back and thought how good God was to us during that time. God is good all the time, but sometimes in our humanity, we recognize it in some ways more than at other times. If the containers had been delayed even a few days, the government could have stopped the Bibles from entering into the country—much less allowed to be trucked to secure locations to store. Only our great God could orchestrate the timing the way it happened. What a blessing! Haggai 2:19 asks, Is the seed yet in the barn? The Bibles are there and ready to go. Our desire is to continue putting them into the hands and hearts of the young people.

In spite of the heartbreaking events that we see as a result of this pandemic, God has brought about many positive ways to increase our faith. As missionaries, we are blessed to train, teach, and work alongside the national workers and pastors, then in turn to see them take the lead and carry the burden in this project. This truly helps to guarantee the continuation of this outreach and ministry. Pastor Holmes Tako of Morota Baptist Church in Port Moresby, PNG, and I have communicated almost daily concerning the events due to the Coronavirus in the country and the continual logistics of this ongoing project. He reported that even with the lockdown, the government has not stopped the churches from meeting. They have been able to conduct two special youth meetings with over 100 young people each night and many saved.

He has also been able to distribute Bibles to students as the schools begin to open back up. Pastor Gershom, a national pastor from Popendetta, traveled five hours by dingy (small boat) to distribute Bibles to six village schools. This is an extremely remote area and they know very little of the virus. National Pastor Reksy Okena has been working in the Kainantu District in the Eastern Highlands, doing schools in the remote mountainous regions. His daughter recently emailed me the following: “On Behalf of Ps Reksy Okena, church and people of Kainantu, I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for the generous Hearts of those Christians who have invested their resources toward BIMI Bible Project in PNG and BIMI for coordinating the project. May God bless you all.” Certainly, our hearts’ desire is to be physically at the schools and actively distributing Bibles, but it is such a blessing to know that there are faithful men who can help us continue the project in spite of the present distance between us. Thank God for the technology that has enabled us to do this! For now the Coronavirus has changed the normalcy of our mission work and the ways in which we are required to carry out our ministry as missionaries. Please pray that God will show us how to effectively minister during these days.

My wife and I have struggled to find the words to properly express our heartfelt appreciation for your faithfulness in your prayers and continued financial support. We realize that these are trying days for the churches and for many of you personally. God bless you for your faithfulness and sacrifice. God has not brought us this far to stop now. We might be delayed but by God’s grace and help, we will get the job done! Please pray specifically that travel will open again so we are able to travel safely back to Papua New Guinea. I have prepared a new video update of the Bible Project. Please consider taking a few minutes to watch our latest short video update to see what God is doing in Papua New Guinea.
PNG Update
June 2020

PNG Update
April 2020

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

This is the LORD's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes
(Psalm 118:23). This verse certainly rings true here in Papua New Guinea (PNG). In February, Dennis McChargue, pastor from Brayton, Tennessee, and I landed in Port Moresby, PNG, to continue working on the Bible Project. One of our first goals upon arriving was to get the next two containers (115,000 Bibles) out of the port. After clearing the containers and storing the Bibles, we flew to the city of Kiunga. Kiunga is a town in the extreme Western Province of PNG, very close to the Indonesian border. It is extremely remote! We traveled immediately from the plane to the Kiunga primary school (850 students and teachers) to speak and distribute Bibles.
During the evenings, the local pastor set up special revival services for us. The first night we had six adults trust Christ as their Savior. What a great day! Our days were spent in Kiunga distributing and preaching in the schools during the days and preaching revival services at night. On the day we were scheduled to leave, our flight was canceled at the last minute, which is a common thing in remote areas. Welcome to Papua New Guinea, the land of the unexpected! We flew out the next day to another remote area of the Highlands to continue distributing to schools. I truly appreciate Pastor McChargue coming and helping. He was a great encouragement and his preaching was excellent—just what the people needed.

As Pastor McChargue was flying out to return to the United States, Brother Carl Vonnoh, BIMI CLAIM Director, arrived. His goal was to spend the next three weeks with me. As we all know, the Coronavirus has changed our lives greatly. What was supposed to be three weeks of working in the schools was cut short. The good news is that we were able to receive two more containers, which brought the total to four new containers this year. We now have 1 million Bibles that have been brought into the country! Of the one million, over 765,000 Bibles have been distributed to students and teachers. Praise the Lord! Your gifts and prayers have made this possible, but we still have much work to do.

Brother Vonnoh and I were able to continue to give out Bibles in the schools even while dealing with the containers. We were able to do 6 more schools with 4,630 students and teachers during that week. The last school was a large teacher’s college of over 1,400 students and teachers. The head of the school shared that over 35 years ago he had been given a New Testament as a gift to help him as a teacher. With tears in his eyes he said, “This Bible will now be my Bible to help me teach the teachers.”

We began to receive messages concerning the virus in the United States and in other countries. I received a call from Joe Marshall, BIMI missionary in Australia, telling me that the Prime Minister of Australia was about to close the borders to all travelers. The Papua New Guinea government began to lock things down as well. God was so good to allow us to do the schools that we were able to do and to know that the 230,000 Bibles are off the wharf and are now safely stored until we are able to visit the schools once again. In spite of the fact that the government was beginning the process of locking down all the borders, including travel within the country, Brother Vonnoh and I were able to get on one of the last flights out.

A national pastor shared with me his concerns about the virus and his people. Due to the lock down, many people are in need of food and medical care. Many pastors in America are able to put their services online but the churches in PNG do not have the ability to live stream their services. Please pray for the national pastors and the people of Papua New Guinea.

Recently, I received the following email from Pastor Gershom Leleko, who is the national pastor of Sword Baptist Church and who has helped tirelessly with the project.

“Good morning to you brother Alan.
I know that when this project started many good things has happened. Here I want to share what happened when me and my team went out for the first school in 2020 which is almost 2 hours dinghy ride.
We went to a village call Aku and Gobe, we stayed there at Aku Wednesday to Friday, the people there want me to preach so I preach and God saved 44 souls and 2 more souls were saved through witnessing. We lead them all to the Lord Jesus for SALVATION.
One of them, a young man, around 25 years old, surrendered his life to go to Bible School to serve God. His name is Ephraim, meanwhile he will be attending SBBS (SWORD BAPTIST BIBLE SCHOOL).Yesterday he came with me to Popondetta town so now he is with me.
Please help PRAY with him for God's direction. Glory to God for great things he hath done. Also help PRAY with me how to build and disciple this 45 who are back in Aku village, I am planning to plant a church there.
Thank you brother Alan for your good heart to support us Pastors to distribute the BIBLES in our Provinces. Thank you once again for your time.
Ps Gershom Leleko

As we can all testify, the virus has changed many things in the world. I have often wondered if our Lord is trying to give all of us a wake-up call to the brevity of life and how quickly things can change. To those who have prayed and to those who have sacrificially given to make this project possible, may you be encouraged that your prayers are being answered and your gifts are being used. Please be assured, the Bible Distribution will continue until the last Bible is given out as God opens the door for travel and the schools are open once again. We certainly covet your continued prayers, and we praise God for all He has done!

Alan and Donna Brooks
PNG Update
February, 2020

Dear Friends,

With great joy, I write to tell how God is continuously working in Papua New Guinea. The schools have exams in November and are out during the months of December and January. Because of this, I returned to the United States during this time. My schedule has kept me busier than I had planned. It was a joy to travel to Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee for meetings reporting the progress of the Bible project.

I would like to share a few highlights of our last trip. I traveled to the city of Wau in Morobe Province with a national pastor to distribute Bibles. It was a joy to speak to students at the Wau Baptist Bible College. This is a great training school for preachers and their wives that was started by several missionaries. They are doing a great work! While speaking, I noticed a young woman with one of the Bibles that we distribute to students. After the session, I asked her name and how she had received the Bible. Hilda said, “Don’t you remember, you came to our school on Sidea Island a couple of years ago. We met under a big mango tree and you shared the Gospel.” My mind went back to a three-hour ride in a dinghy, traveling over rough seas to get to the island. A group of young men from Canada had come to help in the distribution. When we arrived on the island, we spoke to 220 students at the only school there. Only then did we learn that it was a Catholic vocational school. I remembered so vividly presenting the Gospel and the young men with me giving their testimonies to the students and handing Bibles to each of them. Hilda said, “I was a student and now am saved and my husband and I are attending Wau Baptist Bible College and are planning on going out to start churches in the villages.” I am so glad that God allows us to know a few things before we get to heaven. Stories like this encourage me to keep going for the Lord.

I recently received a picture from the Post Currier, a national newspaper in PNG. On the front page of a special section within that newspaper was a picture of a young woman holding one of the Bibles and the headline “A New Era for Bouganville.” Bouganville is an island province of Papua New Guinea that was the site of major battles during WWII.

Brother Butch Abbett, who came and spent three weeks in PNG helping deliver the Bibles, was preaching in a church in Virginia when a gentleman came forward to make a special offering for the Bible distribution. Mr. Everett Burns Gilliam, presently 96 years old, served as a 19-year-old Marine during WWII on the island of Bouganville. He stated, “Those folks were nice to me and I want to help give them Bibles.” This picture is of Mr. Gillam and his platoon in 1942 on the island. He has repeatedly donated to help. What a blessing! Only God could make this happen. Truly, our steps are ordered by the Lord!

It is amazing to see the way God is working in Papua New Guinea. I often receive emails or messages from national pastors all across this country desiring that we come and bring Bibles to help distribute to students in schools around their area. The following email came from Pastor Kendy Lamai. His church is in the city of Kiunga, which is close to the Indonesian border in the extreme western section of the country. We had to ship the Bibles up several rivers by boat to reach this area.

Thank you, Brother Alan. I have already spoken to the school inspector. He said, Lord willing, he will help us in some of the remote places. We are praying and ready to dedicate the Bibles before we distribute them to schools and are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Thanks, Brother!

In Christ, Pastor Kendy Lamai

My heart breaks because there are so many places that are waiting for the distribution of the Bibles. Most of these places are remote and extremely difficult to reach and we do not know what we are going to face. What an open door but what a need for laborers!

I recently received the following email from Missionary Bob Rutta in New Zealand. Brother Rutta has gone to Papua New Guinea several times to help distribute Bibles. It is amazing to see how God is using this project not only in Papua New Guinea but also in other countries. I asked him if I could share the following story as he shared it with me.

The Lord gave us a sweet blessing at church today. A lady from Goroka, Karen Toroi, attended our church. She is going to be working on a Master’s Degree at our university, so she will be living in Dunedin for the next three years. Her husband and four-year-old daughter will be moving here next month. She brought another lady that is from Vanuatu with her that she had met at the university. She said that she had searched church web sites and came to us because of our doctrinal stand. What makes it special is that I mentioned that I was in Goroka and the Eastern Highlands a few months ago and she was really surprised. Then she recognized that I had preached at her church on a Wednesday night. She is from the church in Goroka where we stored a lot of the Bibles and almost got the truck stuck. She is also a pastor’s daughter. Her father is a pastor in Rabaul and was involved in the Bible distribution in his area. She knows you and said you had worked with her father. It really is a small world.

By the time you receive this update we should have a total of one million Bibles in the country. The four containers will be arriving this month with the additional 230,000 Bibles. Lots of work will be needed to ship them around the country then to distribute them to the students in many of the remote areas. Thank you for your support and prayers. Will you please pray for our continued health that God will sustain us for the work that needs to be done?

Your Co-laborers,
Alan and Donna Brooks


PNG Update
December, 2019

Bible Distribution
In June 2019, a goal was set for the printing of one million Bibles for the students of Papua New Guinea. Presently, we have been able to preach to over 740,000 students and teachers and personally present to each one of them a Bible. There are 30,000 Bibles in storage in Papua New Guinea ready to be distributed. In October 230,000 Bibles were ordered to be printed, bringing our total to one million! Lord willing, these Bibles will arrive into the port of Papua New Guinea in 2020. Some may think that meeting this goal ends the project, but the truth is that there is still so much more to do! I have been asked by pastors if there is still a financial need to complete this project. We do have the money now to complete the printing of the one million Bibles but there is still a need for financial assistance to pay for moving the Bibles from the dock to the hands of the students. This means costs for fuel and rental of trucks, boats, planes, or whatever means we can find to get the Bibles to the different districts and then on to the schools. Once in the district, we will be able to branch out into the many villages or stations where the schools are located. Because most all of the inner cities have been done, our work is now in some of the most remote areas of the country. There are some secondary schools that we discovered in the isolated areas still needing to be reached and thousands of primary schools that are anxiously waiting to receive their Bibles.

Recently, I received the following letter from Missionary Eric Fair. It is so good to have his help with such a massive project.

Dear Brother Alan,

We only did 3 schools today but they were all out near the end of the road! I know you understand what I am talking about there. As a matter of fact, I got the rear axle stuck at one point and had to be dug out with a shovel because I was dragging bottom literally, the ruts were so deep and the center of the road was too high. It didn’t matter that I tried my best to stay out of the ruts either. I will tell you this—it may have been a full day, but I had the most amazing first-time experiences that I have ever seen while distributing Bibles! It was the first time we have ever had a teacher give a closing speech on the sacurifice it takes to get the Bibles to them and how he personally wanted to take up a love offering to help on the fuel costs. So he told all the students that he would be the first one to give K20 [US $6] towards our fuel and would encourage them to contribute whatever they could—even if it was only 20t or 50t [US 6 cents or 15 cents]. I was going to tell them it was unnecessary but he insisted we take the K20 towards the fuel. It was still a blessing to see a teacher take a different outlook on the Bible distribution project, especially since we are used to hearing them ask for other things when we are there such as 'When will we get laptops and school supplies because we need that too?’ The other first-time experience that was a blessing was at the school where we were stuck trying to get up the mountain to their school. After we were done distributing the Bibles to the students and staff, one of the teachers told me he wanted to say a few words and tell us they appreciate us coming there today. For the first time, I actually saw a teacher get emotional and actually fighting back tears because he was so happy we took the time to come give them Bibles! The guy was getting all choked up and telling his students to take care of the precious gift they received today. I was really surprised because the culture here is so hard and tough that they hardly ever show any sign of weakness in public, but that didn’t stop him one bit! So, it might have been my first time getting stuck while distributing Bibles today, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything—to experience the other 2 blessings! The Lord has definitely given me a different perspective on things after today! It’s not because we expect anything from the people, but to see them show their appreciation and heartfelt thanks is a real encouragement!

In Christ,

What a blessing it was to hear this report from Eric and what an open door! The 20 Kina/US $6 that was given by the teacher as a love offering for the fuel may not seem like much but it is a true sacrifice for those in Papua New Guinea. Through this project, we now have opportunities to see souls saved, Christians grow, individual lives and families changed, and churches built for the glory of God. There is also freedom to plant new churches and to continue education in the schools and colleges with God’s Word. The needs are great. Perhaps God is speaking to your heart about being a missionary to this country. What would God have you do? Thank you to those who have lifted us up in prayer. We ask you to continue to pray for us concerning our financial needs, our health, and God’s leading for this project.

Alan and Donna Brooks

PNG Update
November, 2019

PNG Update
September, 2019

Greetings from Papua New Guinea!

It is a joy to have Gailen Abbett, veteran BIMI missionary of 37 years in France, and Robert Rutta, BIMI missionary to New Zealand for the last 31 years, here with me. This is Robert Rutta’s second trip to help in this unbelievable project. These men are a great encouragement and help with speaking to the students and distributing the Bibles as we now travel in very rural sections of the Eastern Highlands. I have been traveling in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for over three years, but I must confess these roads have been some of the most challenging. Because of the remote areas, many of the younger children have rarely ever seen a white man. Sometimes the younger children like to sneak up from behind and touch our arms to see what we feel like. I enjoy turning around and shaking their hands or giving them a shoulder hug. They smile as if they have had the greatest privilege. In reality, the greatest honor is ours as we have the privilege to share the Gospel and give them their own copy of God’s Word. In the past two weeks, we have been able to speak in 33 schools with over 18,000 students and teachers hearing the Gospel and receiving Bibles.

On a recent Wednesday night service, several students who had received Bibles in their school came for the first time to Ebenezer Baptist Church. Of this group, two young people trusted Christ as their Savior. It is a joy to give them the Gospel and a copy of God’s Word as well as to also help them connect with local independent Baptist churches. What a blessing this is!

PNG Missionary Jason Russell recently wrote the following, “We are thankful to the BIMI Bible Distribution Project. As a result, we have been visiting every primary school to give each of their students in grades 4-8 a beautiful copy of the Bible. Through this program, we are invited to preach the Gospel to every school in our district. The schools welcome us as if we are bringing a special treasure to them. The children and staff are so thankful and grateful, and every village has asked us to return to preach to them again!” Glory to God for this report!

Please pray that we will be able to raise the needed funds to purchase and deliver one million Bibles. We need at least $150,000 more to make this goal possible. Being in Papua New Guinea means I am not traveling to churches in the United States to share this need. Any help you can be in spreading the word of this need will be greatly appreciated. A donation of any amount will be used for Bibles and for reaching the children and their families with the Gospel. Please mark any donations to BIMI account #1319. Thank you for your support, prayers, and sacrificial gifts!

Your co-laborers in Christ,
Alan and Donna Brooks

PNG Update
July, 2019


Papua New Guinea (PNG) is called by many the land of the unexpected, which means anything can happen. Can you imagine one million young people each receiving a copy of God’s Word and hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel? What do you think would happen in those communities and in that nation? We have that unexpected opportunity to truly find out. God opened the door almost three years ago for Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), to distribute Bibles to the school students of PNG. At present, we have printed and shipped 770,000 Bibles into this country because of the outpouring of generosity by God’s people.

We need to raise an additional $300,000 to reach our goal of printing and distributing one million Bibles to the children of PNG. Would you pray and ask God what He would have you do to help us reach this worthy goal? God gives us a wonderful promise in Isaiah 55:11, So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. You will not regret this investment! Only eternity will truly tell the impact that these Bibles will have on the future generations of PNG. Just $3 will pay for a Bible to be placed into the hand of a young person.

We have created a new video update; please check it out. This video is free to download/share or if a DVD is desired, please feel free to call BIMI at (423) 344-5050. If I may be of any help or service to you, you may contact me (Alan Brooks, Coordinator of the PNG Bible Project) by phone at (423) 504-3132, or the best way is to Email me (view Email Address).

PNG Update

May 2019

As I write an update as to what is happening in Papua New Guinea (PNG), my mind is flooded with all the current activities. These include the chance to visit multiple schools to distribute Bibles in multiple areas of the country at the same time, the arrival of three more containers (165,000 Bibles), the privilege to speak and give the Gospel to the Papua New Guinea Hunters (a professional rugby league based in PNG), and the opportunity to meet with several members of Parliament. God is obviously working in countless ways to fulfill His will in this country.

In March and April, we had teams of missionaries and national pastors assisting Missionary Mickey Schrimshire and me in distributing Bibles in schools in 11 of the 22 provinces at the same time. This is a direct answer to prayer. One or two people cannot accomplish this monstrous job. It is encouraging to see enthusiasm among born again believers including many national pastors as they purpose in their hearts to distribute to their area of the country. One pastor mentioned to me that he had spoken to more teenagers in one week than in 21 years of pastoring. Another pastor said, “You have taught us, equipped us, and encouraged us for the work. We are going to faithfully fulfill this project.” It is like the book of Nehemiah—each building their section of the wall. Truly, we are seeing that the people had a mind to work. There is so much more to be done, but by God’s grace, we are systematically and step-by-step working to accomplish the goal.

While in the city of Kimbe in the West New Britain Province, we learned that several thousand Bibles that had been shipped to this island area of the country had not been picked up as planned. They were left on the wharf for a very long time. This could have cost many thousands of dollars but God worked in the hearts of those in authority. We prayed and when we went to get them out, we were not charged any storage fees and they even took a forklift and moved them to the very place we needed them to be so that we might prepare them for distribution to the schools throughout the island. During this time, the container was vandalized and some of the Bibles were stolen. When I commented about this to the wharf manager, he said, “Well, maybe they got converted.” A thought then came to my mind, “Can a Bible really ever be put into the wrong hands?”

Several weeks ago, I spoke at the Waigani Academy in Port Moresby. The young people listened so well and showed much appreciation for the Bibles in spite of the tremendous heat that day. Those students stood in the hot sun to hear me speak and then stood in long lines to receive a Bible. That next weekend, there was a terrible automobile accident. The driver of a land cruiser lost control and drove into a crowd of people at a local outdoor market. Sadly, three people were killed. One of those was a grade 12 student from Waigani Academy. My hope and prayer is that he truly listened and received Christ as his Savior. Who would have known that he would die within just a few days after hearing the Gospel presented in a school assembly and after receiving a Bible? Time is so short and we must hasten our efforts to reach people for Christ.

After presenting the Gospel and giving out Bibles at one particular school, a Christian teacher at that school told the story of another teacher who trusted Christ as his personal Savior and then used the tract that is printed in the front of the Bible that he received to lead his wife to the Lord. Soon after, the other teachers asked the Christian teacher if he would lead them in a before school Bible study, which he is now doing. He also said that the students behave so much better now that they are all reading their own Bibles.

On the last day of March, I received a call from two pastors in the province of Simbu. They had traveled to a remote area to distribute the Bibles to over 1,700 young people. They reported that the teachers cried openly with joy and the principal got up and said, “God has come and visited our school today.”

Michael Marum, the coach for the Papua New Guinea Hunters National Rugby Team, called and asked if I would have devotions with the players on a Thursday night. The team had greatly changed since last year now with 18 new players. They were preparing for their first game of the year. After sharing the Gospel, I was asked to hold an invitation for any who would like to trust Christ as their Savior. With all watching, 15 young men stood and raised their hands asking Christ to be their Savior. I thought that they might not have understood and I had them all sit back down. I went through it a second time and again 15 stood up to acknowledge Christ as their Savior. Praise God for the working of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of these young men! I think even the coach was surprised and asked for a special picture to be taken.

Please continue to pray for us. We have received three more containers. By the end of May, we will have brought into the country 770,000 Bibles. Over 600,000 have been distributed at this time. We have committed to give as many Bibles as we have money to purchase. Please pray that God will continue to supply as there are so many more to be reached.

Much work is being done in this country. What an exciting time to be serving the Lord! Again, please continue to pray that God will give us laborers to help here in Papua New Guinea. Many times in churches, we give our prayer request. Our Lord shared his prayer request in Matthew 9:38, Pray ye therefore the LORD of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into his harvest. Brethren, please pray with us for laborers. Pray and ask God what he would have you do. If you are interested in coming to help us for any length of time at all, please Email me (view Email Address).

Yours for the cause of Christ and for souls,
Alan and Donna Brooks

March 2019

Greetings from Papua New Guinea (PNG)! As schools have begun for 2019, Missionary Mickey Schrimshire and I returned on February 5 to once again continue the Bible Distribution Project. Upon arrival, we immediately traveled to the island of Bougainville, where we met Missionary Kenny Keck for Sunday church services in the town of Buin, a very remote area of PNG. The following morning we all went out to distribute Bibles to local primary schools across this area. Through the week, we were able to distribute 8,500 Bibles and present the Gospel to students and teachers alike. Each Bible has the stamped contact information from this new church. One parent of a student who received a Bible attended the following Sunday service. This is just one example of what is occurring all over the country because of the Bible Distribution Project. Please pray for Brother and Mrs. Keck as they reach out and minister to these dear people with this new work. What a great way to get started!

Not long ago, one of our BIMI representatives was sharing the Bible Project at a church in Virginia when an elderly gentleman walked up to him after the service. He was carrying a blank check and wanted one of the men to fill it out for him to donate to the Bible Fund. He stated that he had been stationed in Bougainville during World War II and that the native people had been very nice to him. He wanted to help give Bibles to them. With joy, I shared that story with the students and teachers at the schools here in Bougainville and they began clapping, while many started crying in thanks to the donators for allowing them to receive their own Bibles. Heaven is going to be a wonderful place of reunion and glory!

We traveled back to Port Moresby to continue distributing Bibles to the primary schools in the National Capital District. The enrollment in this geographically small area, yet, densely populated area, is approximately 50,000 young people. After a great meeting with over 20 local independent Baptist pastors, we scheduled schools and began distribution. It has been exciting to have four teams of workers all going out in different areas working at the same time to accomplish the goals.

It has been great to have Pastor Don Smith from New Testament Baptist Church in Centralia, Illinois, come and help us distribute Bibles for two weeks. Just as he was leaving from the airport to go home, BIMI Missionary William Craig and two of his teenage boys arrived to help. Brother William Craig has been a missionary to Japan for 43 years. The students enjoyed hearing him speak Japanese and play his trumpet. After two weeks of hard work, they headed for home, while Pastor Stan Heindel from Pensacola, Florida, arrived to help for three weeks. Southeast Asia Director Steven Maldoff arrived the first of the week to assist again in this distribution. On Friday, we had a team of four men from Falls Baptist Church in Wisconsin, including Assistant Pastor Mark Gillmore. Praise the Lord for the encouragement and much needed help!

We have been able to work in multiple areas at the same time, which is allowing us to accomplish much distribution. Since the start of schools this year, our teams have been able to preach the Gospel and give out over 50,000 Bibles. As I write, we have many national pastors who have caught the vision to help finish this project. One veteran pastor of 20 plus years told me he spoke to more young people in the last three days than ever in his ministry. This means we have personally given out approximately 550,000 Bibles since the beginning of this project. We give God all of the glory as He alone is our enabler!

We have three more containers arriving in the country by the end of April. There are so many logistical issues in receiving and getting these containers to different areas of the country. I truly covet your fervent prayers, as I need God’s wisdom and knowledge in the decisions needed to be made for this operation. Safety is another area of concern as we are doing an extreme amount of travel, some over rough terrain or by plane with many of the primary schools located in remote areas. Extreme heat and rain are an issue as well. Many times, we have had to ask God to please stop the rain so that we could make it to the schools on the rain drenched muddy roads and so that we could hold the school assemblies since most all of them must be held outside.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for this ongoing project. Thank you also for those who support us personally. We could not do this job without your help! May we give God all the praise and glory for all that has been accomplished thus far in Papua New Guinea!

February 2019

Great day on Sunday with missionary Kenny Keck in the new church in Buin, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea (PNG)! This is an extremely remote area of PNG. We then went out to distribute Bibles to four local primary schools. Each Bible has the stamped information from the new church, Buin Baptist Church. What a great way to get started! There are no Baptist churches in this area at all. Please pray for us. We have given out over 8,500 Bibles in this area to students.

January 2019

Dear Praying Friends and Supporters,

As the new year has arrived, it is with joy we report on the ongoing progress of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution. Schools have been closed from November through the end of January for their summer break. We will be returning to PNG the first of February to continue. Much communication has been made with our national pastors concerning the plans for the continued distribution of the Bibles among the students, grades 4–8.

It will be a great blessing to have a pastor from the United States come and assist Brother Mickey Schrimshire and me for two weeks in February and then another pastor who will be coming for three weeks in March. Would you please consider coming to Papua New Guinea to help with this project? Due to conditions, housing, and areas of travel, we are asking that only men come. Would you please pray and ask God what He would have you do? We need your help!

I have included some pictures of the students reading the Bibles right after they received them. These are not staged pictures but spontaneous snapshots. It is amazing to see their desire to read the Word of God and to know its Truths.

We are excited to report that on the island of Bougainville, Missionary Kenny Keck will be starting a new church in an area where there are no Baptist churches. We will be partnering with him by distributing Bibles in all the primary schools in this area. All the Bibles will be stamped with this new church’s information and contact numbers. What a great way to introduce the people of the area to this beginning church!

After speaking and distributing Bibles at another school in the Southern Highlands, a young student named Gramex shared the following note. I believe he truly understood the Gospel and that he wanted to thank us from the bottom of his heart. The following is the interpretation of what he wrote.

“I know my salvation now. At Thursday’s Chapel class Brother Alan Brooks preached, I was saved, and the date was August 30, 2018. I am thankful to Missionary Brother Alan Brooks. Thank you and God will bless you. My Bible verse is Mark 1:30–45. I am very thankful that God saved me from all my sin.”

In a recent PNG Post-Courier newspaper article, Natalie Cholohei wrote an article about the PNG Bible Project. “Students and teachers of Huonville Primary School have received King James Bibles. The Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), has again distributed 1,764 Bibles to the school, aimed to encourage students to know more about the Word of God. Huonville Primary School head teacher Willie Vilakiva said the Bibles are fitting for quality education of a student through knowing the Word of God. ‘Every student, every child needs the Word of God, and I am thankful BIMI has made this a reality for the students.’”

Only eternity will truly reveal all that God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Please pray that God would touch the hearts of people to give towards the Bibles and for our personal support as faith missionaries. May God truly bless those who have given so sacrificially to make this project possible. If you could only see the eyes of the children as they are handed their own Bibles, you would know that it is worth the sacrifice.

Alan and Donna Brooks

November, 2018

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

First Phase Complete!
It is with great joy that we announce that Phase 1 of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution is complete! When we first began to give Bibles to the students of PNG, the magnitude was overwhelming. Distributing Bibles to all of the secondary schools would be a massive undertaking. It was necessary to raise $810,000 for Phase 1. God is so good and God’s people responded over and above what we could ask or think. Bibles have been purchased for the secondary schools and another 500,000 for the primary schools (56% of the Bibles needed for all the primary schools). Donors have contributed over $2.3 million. Thank you! We have done all that that can be done at this time. The secondary schools that have not received their Bibles are mainly in the earthquake area and the schools are not open. We are continuing to pray for the needed $1.5 million to complete Phase 2 (primary schools).

Please keep all the workers in your prayers as we attempt to accomplish this project. Only eternity will truly reveal the impact of this Bible Distribution. It has been said numerous times, “You cannot have a harvest if you do not sow the seed, and the most fertile soil stays barren if the seed is not sown.”

Many have asked what they can do to help.
1. Pray for travel safety for the distribution teams.
2. Pray that God’s Word will find good ground.
3. Continue to give—$3 puts a Bible into a student’s hand.
4. Share this tremendous project with others.
5. Pray about coming to help distribute. Spots available for men only at this time. Contact Alan Brooks for information: Email (view Email Address) or (423) 504-3132.

I recently received the following story from one of our national pastors.

Each student and each teacher is receiving this precious gift with thankful hearts. The pastors in East New Britain (a province in PNG) are working together to give out the Word of God free of charge.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our donors: churches, groups, individuals, and coordinators. You are always in our prayer of thanksgiving for your kind hearts. One particular Deputy Head Teacher was quoted as saying that he was going to start a devotional routine for all the students/teachers to read in sequence and to understand the first seven (7) pages of the book (the plan of salvation). A principal of a big school of around 1,500 recipients said that he can now relate with students through The WORD OF GOD because they have one version, the King James Bible, a love gift from you to them. (edited for clarity)

I look forward to the day we can say, “Phase 2 is done!” Only God can do what has been done and, Lord willing, will be done.

September, 2018

It is a joy to report that we are making great progress in Papua New Guinea. On August 27, 2018, Southeast Asia Director Steven Maldoff arrived with his running shoes on ready to give BIMI missionary Mickey Schrimshire and me much needed help for the next 10 days. Believe me, he was a welcome sight! Steven continues to make trips to help with this project. Brother Mickey has been with me on the ground since almost the beginning and has been an encouragement and a true help. I am grateful for the caliber of these men and others whom God has provided to help with this unbelievable project. These men have seen the need, have heard the call, and have answered with willing hearts. What a blessing!

Since there were now three of us to work with the national pastors and laymen, we divided up, traveling to different provinces enabling us to do more schools per day. I am presently working in the province of Southern Highlands. The earthquake that occurred in February of this year hit this area hard. The destruction, turmoil, and fighting that developed from this tragedy prevented us from working in this province until now.

Praise God! The first launching in the distribution of Bibles in the province of Southern Highlands was at a large secondary school of over 1,250 students and teachers and then at two primary schools. What an encouragement and a blessing it was to have many local pastors join me to see how to do the schools! Lord willing, they will be traveling back to their villages to distribute in the schools in their areas. With over 19 more secondary schools and 169 more primary schools left in this province alone, this is really the only way that we will be able to accomplish such a massive project.

Since August 22, we have been able to finish all of the secondary schools in the provinces of Jiwaka and Western Highlands. Some of these schools are in extremely remote areas. Long drives up mountains on extremely rough and dangerous roads have made this a daunting task. Sometimes the roads appear to be nothing but a semi-dry river bottom where others may be a narrow dirt road winding around a mountain without any guardrails of any kind. God has graciously protected and assisted us in getting to these schools where many of the students rarely see white people at all. It is a joy as we travel into the villages to have the young children running alongside the vehicle yelling, “White man! White man!” I do not know how many times a child would finally get the courage to run up and grab my arm, just to touch the white man. What a joy to preach the Gospel and put into their hands their own copies of God’s Word! It is truly hard to express the thrill.

While I was at the market to purchase fruit one day, a young man approached me and said, “I know you. You gave me a Bible in my school.” He then told of his salvation and said he is continuing to read the Bible daily. Missionary Mickey Schrimshire and I were at a local eatery sometime later when a server walked up to thank us for the Bible he had received earlier this year at his vocational school. He shared that by reading the plan of salvation in the front of the Bible, he had trusted Christ and continued to read it daily. God is doing a marvelous work in the hearts and lives of young people in this country.

On a sad note, Mrs. Priscilla Tako went Home to be with the Lord on July 28, 2018. Pastor Holmes Tako, her husband, has been a key man in this country for this Bible Distribution. Mrs. Tako had been sick for some time. She and her husband came to the United States and traveled with me to churches, promoting the Bible Distribution. Some of you may remember with joy hearing her sing “How Great Thou Art” in English and in her native Pidgin. Her testimony and love for Christ made speaking at her funeral a comfort. In Papua New Guinea, traditionally there is a great deal of weeping and wailing at the funerals. Pastor Holmes encouraged the attendees to not weep for her because we know she is in heaven and better now than she has ever been. We will certainly miss this great woman of faith. Please pray for Pastor Holmes during this time of great personal loss.

In closing this update, I ask you to please continue to pray for us as we work to distribute the Bibles to the over 3,000 primary schools in this country. Please pray for our health and safety. Pray that God would enable us and give each of us liberty as we attempt to give a clear presentation of the Gospel to the students as well as teachers. This is a great open door for the Gospel and the influence of the Bible upon this nation! It is an encouragement and a joy to hear the occasional reports, but truly, heaven will be unbelievable! Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support for this project and us. We could not do what we are doing without you and your heart for others. Our greatest desire is that God would be glorified in all that is accomplished. Only eternity will truly reveal all that God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Praise God for all that He is!

July 23, 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

On May 26, Mickey Schrimshire and I returned to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as the students began the second term of classes for the year. The first few days were spent working on the logistics of the coming containers. As of this month, we will have five additional containers of Bibles that have arrived into the country, making this a total count of 11 containers.

The greatest joy for us is to personally place God’s Word into the hand of a student, but much work must be done before we ever get to that point. The procedure to receive the containers involves a large amount of paperwork that must be completed on the wharf and then to move those containers to their designated places for storage. Each one has 55,000 Bibles, which are in boxes of 36 Bibles each. This means that each container has 1,528 boxes weighing 13 kg (29 lbs.) each. The boxes must be removed by hand from the containers and put into storage for shipping to multiple cities in PNG. This must be done in a timely manner as we are only given two weeks to return the containers back to the shippers or they will begin charging us rental fees. That seems like a long time, but nothing ever moves quickly out of port. Simply getting possession of the containers can sometimes take days of encouraging the right people. We then must repack the Bibles onto pallets to hold 70 boxes each for shipping to the outward islands and bush areas by boat or truck. My reason for explaining this is to ask you to pray for us as we work on the logistical issues that we have concerning distribution.

During the second week of June at the airport in Port Moresby, we were excited to welcome Dr. David Snyder and Mr. Kenneth Fink from the Home Office of Baptist International Missions, Inc. They came to take part in the distribution of Bibles in PNG. We flew north to the province of Madang, where much of the area requires rough travel to get to the schools in the bush. Once there we went by small boat for three hours to the island of Karkar. The trip was extremely difficult through the open seas but very rewarding as we visited all four schools on the island. While on the island, we traveled in an open truck for hours. On our way back to the boat, rain caused a delay due to the flooding of a large creek. After finally crossing, we were able to travel by a small boat three hours back to the mainland, arriving well after dark with just enough fuel. God’s protecting hand was so evident.

The only secondary schools yet to do will be in the Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces. The earthquake hit this area the hardest. There has been a great deal of upheaval in these provinces, causing some schools to postpone classes due to damage while others are experiencing tribal fighting. These riots among the tribes caused the burning of a commercial airplane and the provincial courthouse. There were a number of deaths due to the rioting. The Prime Minister has had to declare Marshal Law in these two provinces. Please pray that things will calm down and we will be able to safely distribute the Bibles.

On June 18, we were able to begin giving Bibles to the primary schools in the National Capital District. We have now begun Phase 2 of the Bible project, which is to distribute to the primary schools in the major metropolitan areas. These schools are grades 4 through 8. The reception was extremely exciting.

The Lord has given us an overwhelming opportunity to reach the young people of a whole country that truly needs your prayers. Please check out the new video update at I personally feel it will help you understand this project and what God is doing—better than I can ever express on paper. Thank you so much for giving and praying as we work and distribute in the country of Papua New Guinea.

Your Co-laborers,
Alan and Donna Brooks

PNG Update
June 27, 2018

PNG Update
April 2, 2018

On February 26 at 4:00 a.m., BIMI Missionary Mickey Schrimshire and I were sleeping on the third floor of a large building in a very remote area of Papua New Guinea (PNG), called Wabag in the province of Enga. As we were shaken out of our beds, we realized that we were experiencing a major earthquake. This was later reported to be a 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale with several more days of aftershocks. Communication is very limited in this area already, but with the earthquake it only intensified the problem. Thousands of homes and buildings were either damaged or destroyed. Hundreds of lives were lost, mostly by landslides and collapsed buildings.

A week after the earthquake, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement officials estimated that at least 7,000 people had their homes destroyed or damaged, and 150,000 people were in urgent need of emergency supplies with food and clean water among the biggest concerns. Lack of road access and landslides hampered all deliveries in the area, including the Bibles. By March 7 the number of displaced people had risen to 17,000. Entire families were lost in just moments. One heroic father threw his daughter out the window of their home as all collapsed on top of the family. The daughter was the only survivor out of a family of seven!

As I heard of this event, my heart went out to the family and to the father who sought to physically save his child with great sacrificial dedication. The physical earth shook violently, destroying those things that are made, but truly, there are some things that cannot be shaken. Hebrews 12:27 says, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. Earthquakes can destroy physical items and even human lives but they cannot destroy the blessed Word of God. God promises His Word will stand for eternity and it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it (Isaiah 55:11). God's Word will not be shaken!

With the beginning of a new school year, Pastor Rodney Kelley, BIMI Missionary Mickey Schrimshire, BIMI Missionary Carl Vonnoh, BIMI Missionary Steven Maldoff, and I traveled to PNG to continue distributing Bibles to the secondary schools. I thank God for each of these men and for their willingness to travel the distance and contribute their time away from other responsibilities to work on this project. Their encouragement and hard work in distributing the Bibles will never be forgotten. Over 220,000 Bibles have personally been given and 291 of the total 351 Phase 1 secondary schools have been completed. The provinces of Hela and the Southern Highlands have had to close down the schools as they seek to recover from the earthquake. By the first of June, five more containers carrying 275,000 additional Bibles will arrive in PNG to launch Phase 2, which will be just enough to do 1/3 of all the primary schools (grades 4 – 8). At present, these Bibles are in transit on a ship traveling from Belarus to PNG.

Since arriving home, I have had the privilege of traveling to three churches to give personal updates on the investments that God’s people have made in this project. If you are interested in having me come to your church to give an update, please feel free to call or text me at (423) 504-3132. I also may be contacted by email at Email (View Email Address). Because there will be times when the schools are out in PNG, I will be back in the States and available for meetings during the fall of the year.

I was approached by a pastor concerning our personal support and how we are able to live financially while doing a project such as this. He thought I was paid by BIMI to do projects. We are not paid a salary by BIMI but are faith missionaries and dependent on the support of churches and individuals who partner with us monthly to enable us to do the work of God. Thank you to all who faithfully pray and support us financially. We could not do the ministry that God has given us without you. Would you please pray that God would help us to be able to increase our personal support as faith missionaries? If you would like to contribute to the PNG Bible Distribution Fund, the account is #1319. If you would like to partner with us by personally supporting us, our account is #774.

Brethren, please pray for us.
Alan Brooks

Please pray for:
1. Shipping, that the Bibles will arrive safely to the port
2. Logistics, that God will help us in all the planning for travel and distribution
3. Funds, that God would continue to supply funds for Phase 2
4. Safety, that God will protect us as we travel
5. Strength (physically and spiritually), that God would give us His divine help as this is an impossible task without God

PNG Update
March 1, 2018

A 7.5 earthquake hit the highland regions of Papua New Guinea. Estimations are that over 30 have died. There has been major destruction to homes and buildings in the hardest hit areas. Many roads have been torn up, making travel near to impossible in these areas. We are still experiencing aftershocks daily.

We have been able to see work done in the following provinces: Western Highlands, Enga, Simbu, Jiwaka, and East Sepik. Most are totally finished except for a few schools. Four provinces are yet to be done. Two are delayed because of the earthquake (Southern Highlands and Enga), one because our key pastor died suddenly (Sandaun), and one other is ready and workers are on the way (Madang).

Alan Brooks

PNG Update
FEBRUARY 16, 2018

The 2018 school year began the last week of January for the Papua New Guinea (PNG) school systems. With the launching of a new school year, we also have launched into further distribution of Bibles to the students.

God has been giving us great meetings in the schools in the Western Highlands. Traveling to schools for the first two weeks of this school year, I have been blessed to have the following men assisting me: Pastor Rodney Kelley from West Jacksonville Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida; Carl Vonnoh, BIMI CLAIM Director; and Mickey Schrimshire, BIMI missionary. Brother Mickey has arranged his schedule so he can stay and work with me on this massive project.

Steven Maldoff, BIMI Southeast Asia Director, has also been leading another group of local pastors this week in the province of East Sepik. He and local missionaries and pastors are also presently doing schools and distributing there as well.

By the end of this week, we will have completed another 16 schools, representing over 10,000 students and teachers. We held a meeting with preachers from most of the surrounding provinces in the Highlands, and excitement is running high as we prepare to launch in those areas.

I met recently with the officials of the PNG Education Department to share our progress. We discussed the preparations for the arrival of five more containers of Bibles (275,000) in May for the metropolitan primary schools.

Please continue to pray for us to have wisdom, strength, and safety. We have had a little conflict with some religious groups who do not want the children to have Bibles, but we are working through that with God’s grace and help. Safety, again, is a need as we have recently had a few more incidences; however, we are encouraged with what God is doing. God is so good to allow us this great privilege!

Alan Brooks

PNG Update
December 7, 2017

By Alan Brooks

As we approach the end of the year and celebrate the holiday seasons, it is quite common to reflect on what has happened within the last 12 months. Of course, there are blessings and battles, triumphant times and seasons of trials, but truly we can say as the psalmist did in Psalm 118:23, This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

Only God could orchestrate the events that have happened concerning the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Distribution. I hope that you have been following these updates throughout the year. It would fill a massive amount of space to reiterate all that has been happening. Please check out the newest video update online or write to us and request a DVD.

Presently, the schools in PNG are closed due to their summer break. I will be returning to PNG the end of January to again work to distribute Bibles to all of the secondary students in the country.

Right before I left to return home from PNG in November, I was contacted by the Honorable Minister for Higher Education, Mr. Pila Niningi. I originally met Mr. Niningi when giving Bibles to the members of parliament. He is the cabinet member in charge of all of the universities and colleges in the country. He is a true believer and active in an independent Baptist church in the capital city. He has asked that we distribute Bibles into all of the universities, and he has requested that we speak and distribute in the 12 teacher colleges in the country. These schools are training the teachers and administrators for all of the schools in the country. Only God could open the door such as this to impact the entire future of this country!

• With every student receiving a personal copy of God’s Word
• With every teacher and administrator receiving a copy of God’s Word
• With every future teacher and administrator receiving his own copy of God’s Word

I recently received an email from a national pastor in Papua New Guinea. He stated that before the Bible Distribution began, he had never seen this kind of response in his entire ministry! Every week he has visitors in the church and people being saved. Veteran missionary Jim Stackhouse recently wrote, “This ministry of giving these kids their very own copy of God’s Word has been one of the most rewarding ministries of our 30 years in Papua New Guinea. It is so hard to describe the spiritual hunger by these young people and their delight in receiving God’s Word. Another aspect of our distribution effort, which is so important, was the opportunity to preach the Gospel to every student body and staff. All were very attentive and receptive to the preaching of God’s Word and expressed their sincere thanks afterward. This has truly been a blessing from heaven for us.”

Thank you for giving and praying for the PNG Bible Distribution. I will be returning to PNG the last week of January to coordinate the further distribution and finishing of Phase One. We will also be distributing in the universities and colleges countrywide. We definitely need your prayers concerning our efforts and also the needed funds to be able to go on to do Phase Two (primary schools). If you are interested in a personal update while I am home, please email me or call or text at (423) 504-3132.

PNG Update
September 11, 2017

The first launch of the Bible distribution for the Eastern Highlands Province was at the Goroka Secondary School in the city of Goroka. This is most likely the largest school in the country. Along with the students hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel, there were 3,600 Bibles given in total to students, staff, and teachers alike. Eleven national pastors from the local area met with David Harris and me for a special prayer service to dedicate the Bibles and to help with the work aspect as well.

It is truly exciting to have Dr. J. B. Godfrey, Vice President of Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), here in Papua New Guinea speaking and personally distributing Bibles to the students. He and David Harris, Far East Director with BIMI, have been a great encouragement and blessing as we labor together.

Throughout the week we were able to do a total of 13 schools, totaling 17,550 Bibles distributed! The travel to the schools was quite treacherous as the roads are in rough condition. Praise the Lord for four-wheel drive vehicles! We would not have made it without them. Dr. J. B. Godfrey will be returning to the United States on Wednesday September 13 to continue his other responsibilities and work with BIMI. It has been an honor and a privilege to have him here in PNG and to labor alongside this man.

Brother David Harris is presently in Goroka to continue distributing Bibles in the schools, and he hopes to move on to the province of Simbu, which is farther west. I will be traveling to the outward island of Bougainville to begin distributing Bibles in the schools and then on to Rabaul in the East New Britain Province to launch in this area.

Please continue to pray for the truck transport of our Bibles to the Western Highlands. The highway has been closed for two weeks and this has slowed progress tremendously. We have been told that the government has worked hard to open the highway back up. The trucks are backed up for a long distance due to the two-week delay but are back on the road now.

It is very important to get these Bibles to Mount Hagen, a key location that enables us to branch out to the surrounding provinces. We are praying that the containers will be moved and delivered so that distribution may begin in six Western provinces of the Western Highlands, Central Highlands, Southern Highlands, Jiwaka, Enga, and Hela. We ask for your continued prayers for this project and for the pallets of Bibles to reach their destination points so that the work can continue.

Thank you once again for your prayers and financial support for the BIMI Papua New Guinea Bible Distribution.

Alan Brooks

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PNG Update August 30, 2017

A few days ago, I was asked by Ase Boas, the captain of the PNG National Rugby Team (the Hunters), to give a devotion before one of their games. Steven Maldoff, David Harris, and I had a great time with the team.

They sang worship songs and prayed, then I had the privilege of speaking. It was a bit surreal as we watched these muscle bound giants of men close their eyes as they sing songs about giving God their lives and then open their Bibles to read with hands that make the Bibles look small in size and then sincerely hug and thank us for sharing God's Word!

On a side note to the experience, the Hunters rugby team did win the game and earned the league championship. This is a great triumph for the National Rugby Team of PNG! Over all, it has been a great experience and blessing.

Praise the Lord! It has been quite a challenge, but all three of the containers containing 55,000 Bibles each have finally been released from the port in Lae. Lord willing, by the time you read this, we will be trucking two of those containers up the mountains to Goroka, Simbu, and to Mt. Hagen. These are provinces in the heavily populated Highlands. Once the Bibles are there, we will begin the distribution of them to every secondary school in those areas. From the third container, we have also prepared shipping pallets of Bibles to be taken by boats to the outer islands.

On Saturday, August 26, God allowed me the opportunity to speak at a special prayer breakfast for the new members of Parliament. What a joy it was to give Bibles to the political leaders of this country! They now have an original King James Bible in a glass encasement, located in the center of the House of Parliament. Each member has been given his own copy of a Bible. Our prayer is that the Bibles will greatly influence the very future of this country.

Not long ago, I traveled to a remote mountain village to speak and distribute Bibles to a secondary school. If we were to have driven, it would have taken us over two days of travel on extremely treacherous roads in the mountains. Missionary pilot Matt Allen flew a national pastor and me out in a little over an hour. It was unbelievable to land on a grass runway on top of a mountain. The students had cut the grass and lit a small fire to produce smoke to determine the wind. The whole village came out to meet us. What a joy to preach and give out over 300 Bibles to the students in this remote area!

Two weeks ago Steven Maldoff, Southeast Asia Director; David Harris, Far East Director; and Ben White, Youth Pastor and professional photographer, arrived to help on this project. It was good to have Steven Maldoff here on the ground, working in spite of the many other responsibilities he has as Southeast Asia Director for Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI). All three of these men have worked tirelessly alongside other missionaries, local pastors, and national Christian laymen, and me to help with such a huge undertaking. Today, I took Steven Maldoff and Ben White back to the airport to fly to the States. I will certainly miss them, but praise God for all they have done! I am grateful that David Harris will be staying on for the next few weeks to continue helping. Dr. J.B. Godfrey, BIMI Vice President, will be arriving September 1 to help as well.

We have been able to finish at least five of the 22 provinces. At present, we have enough Bibles to give to every student in all the secondary schools in the country. As future contributions for Bibles are provided, our goal is to move into Phase 2, all of the primary schools.

At times the project has seemed insurmountable, but I have witnessed answers to prayer and have seen our God be the Enabler for the impossible. Thank you to those who have fervently prayed and who have financially given so sacrificially to further the Gospel through this endeavor! We covet your prayers once again and ask that you pray for added strength, health, and safety for us as we continue this ongoing project. Pray that God would soften and prepare the hearts of those who will be hearing the Gospel presented as we distribute Bibles to the students and future leaders of Papua New Guinea.

Alan Brooks

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PNG Update July 30, 2017

We are busy distributing Bibles in the schools here in Papua New Guinea. It is a great joy to have people who have come from many places in the world to help. Two men have come from the United States and six from Canada. They are a tremendous help. The school children especially like it when the Canadians try to speak Pidgin English (Tok-pisin), which most of the children speak and then sing. God is greatly using these men to influence many young people. Someone said to me, "Do you think they understand us?" I asked the person, “How many languages do you speak?” and he responded, "One." I then asked one of the PNG men how many languages he spoke fluently? He responded, “Four, including English."

We have finished the National Capital District and have begun working in the Central Province. As a matter of fact, we have completed six schools this week and one of the days was a national holiday, so we were not able to visit schools on that day. Part of our travel was on a narrow mountain road to the very top to distribute Bibles. God gave us tremendous services and the response has been unbelievable. The young people listened so intently. What a blessing to see the joy in their eyes as they received a Bible! One young man approached to thank us for coming and said that he had been asking God to help him get his own Bible. He stated that we were an answer to his prayers!

One added blessing was the honor of speaking to the Papua New Guinea professional rugby team, the Hunters. Last year during a visit to the country, I had the privilege to witness to Asa Boas, the team captain. He worked it out so that we could spend time with the entire team this year. We handed out Bibles to every player and coach. The sincere questions that the players asked proved to be such a blessing. My prayer is that the Word spoken and given will greatly impact their lives and futures. The young people of this country look up to and dream of playing for their country.

Please continue to pray as we travel to the province of Milne Bay. We shipped two pallets of Bibles by boat. Travel here is quite difficult with much of it having to be done by boat and plane. The ocean at this time of year is quite rough. Lord willing, the national pastors will continue to work the Central Province and we have a team in Morobe Province doing schools. Truly, the only way that this massive project can be done is for many to work at the same time. We are also working on shipping Bibles to the cities of Mt. Hagan and Goroka. Because of the continued violence caused by the elections, we have not been able to truck the Bibles inland. Hopefully, things will calm down in the near future. There have been at least two killed and many businesses burned to the ground. The airport has been closed in Mt. Hagan due to the violence. Rioters covered the runway with oil to keep planes from being able to land. God knows when and how we will get there.

On a very positive note, the weekends here are quite busy. Saturday mornings start at 8:00 a.m. with preaching in the markets to hundreds of shoppers. We then go around personally handing out tracts. Then we drive to another market for more of the same.

On Saturday afternoon the Canadians attended a young people's meeting at one of the churches. They greatly enjoyed learning to play rugby with the local young people. This meeting had at least 30 new visitors from some of the schools that were given Bibles during the week. The pastor also reported that on Sunday they had 30 first time visitors!

On Sundays we travel to different churches. The average Sunday involves Sunday school at 9:30, church at 10:30, a short 15-minute break, then an afternoon service. During a recent afternoon service an elderly lady responded to the invitation and received Christ. The pastor said the church had been praying for her for years. Wow, what a blessing!

Thanks for praying, giving, and supporting us personally and this project. We will update as we can.

Alan Brooks

PNG Update July 28, 2017

Here I am with the SP Hunters who are PNG's professional rugby team. I was allowed to preach and give each of them a Bible. Unbelievable!

Alan Brooks

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PNG Update July 27, 2017

Two pallets are on the boat with 88 boxes of Bibles on the way to Milne Bay. We are planning on traveling there on Monday, and we will be there through Friday. Our goal is to distribute as many Bibles as we can while there. We have completed two schools in the Central Province and Lord willing, we will do three more schools this week. Also, I have been asked to speak to the Papua New Guinea Hunters rugby team about the Bible and Jesus Christ! They are the national, professional rugby team, and they are extremely influential ball players in this country! Please pray for us as we travel and speak.

Alan Brooks
PNG Update July 20, 2017

We had a great launch of the Bible Distribution in Lae at Lae Secondary School. Over 1,800 students who listened so well and joyfully received their Bibles. The newspaper reporters and TV cameras were there to cover the event. Thanks for praying and praise the Lord!

Alan Brooks

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PNG Update July 16, 2017

During the school break, many churches got together to hold a youth camp. Nine young people received the Lord. They decided to have a youth meeting the next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. They saw souls saved every night, so they extended it for every night the following week. I had the privilege of preaching on Thursday night and 7 souls were saved; one was a medical doctor. Five young people Friday night and 7 on Saturday night trusted the Lord. Saturday morning over 150 went to the market to pass out tracts. On Sunday the church voted to authorize me to baptize those who had been saved. I had the honor of baptizing 47 adults and young people! One was a man who had gotten saved when I preached last March. On Sunday night God allowed me to close out the two weeks of special meetings. Young people who had received Bibles at their schools were invited to come to have their Bibles signed. By Sunday night 75 young people had been saved. Five young men surrendered to preach during the closing service. This a direct result of the Bible Distribution! Thank you for your support and prayers. This is just one city in the country, and we are excited to see what God wants to do in the rest of the country. We will be traveling to Lae to launch the Bible Distribution in that area.

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A Great Start to a Tremendous Project!
PNG Update June 29, 2017

As of Friday June 23, we have handed out approximately 14,700 Bibles to that many students and teachers in 14 schools in the capital city of Port Moresby! With the national elections starting soon and schools out for a two-week holiday, we have suspended our current activities. We have been able to distribute in all but three of the government recognized schools in the National Capital District at this time. We will finish them after the school break.

The next container has landed in Lae. There were supposed to be two containers come in at the same time but the second for some reason was put on a different ship. This should not cause an issue as long as we can find it and it is not delayed late into July. I have been assured it will arrive in the near future. By the end of July, we should have all six of the containers in country.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Thank you to the folks who have come from Australia and New Zealand to help launch this project. I would like to give a big thanks to the national pastors and workers who have labored tirelessly to help in stamping Bibles, re-boxing, carrying, and helping distribute the Bibles. These dear folks have truly sought to "own" this project.

I have returned to the States during the school break and elections. I plan on returning to PNG next month to continue the distribution in the capital and then begin launching out into all of the provinces.

All of us will definitely need your prayers. Workers are coming from the United States, Canada, and Australia to assist in the Bible distribution. We are excited as to what we have been able to do thus far, but in reality we have just "touched the hem of the garment" as to what we need to do. We truly covet your prayers. Thank you for partnering with us in this great endeavor.

Alan Brooks
Great Day!
PNG Update June 19, 2017

Great launch today! Mr. Kumbra, Secretary of Education, and Mr. Wingi, Deputy Secretary of Education, and many principals and pastors were in attendance as we began the Bible Distribution. It was broadcast live on two nationwide radio channels. The Gospel was given by word and in the Word. About 2,300 students and teachers received Bibles. There is so much more to do this week, but it was a great start!

Alan Brooks
Processing the Bibles
PNG Update June 17, 2017

We have less than 3,000 Bibles left in the first container. That means in a little over two days we have moved over 52,000 Bibles out of the containers. All of the Bibles for the National Capital District, the capital of the country, have been shipped to churches, stamped, and re-boxed to begin distribution on Monday. We will launch at 10:00 am at Gerehu Secondary School in Port Moresby and then two more schools that afternoon. Our goal is to finish as much of this district before the elections. Please pray as we speak and distribute.

Alan Brooks
Update - May 25, 2017

The Land of the Unexpected

Thursday, May 25

Someone once said that "Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the land of the unexpected." That has come true again. I am presently in PNG preparing to distribute Bibles to all of the secondary schools. Over the last two nights, I have been dealing with the shippers in Europe concerning our containers. We were notified that they have been delayed 18 days in Malaysia. This means that the first container is to arrive on June 12. This obviously has caused us great problems. We have many helpers coming to assist who have all bought tickets. It also causes us to have to reschedule our launch and deliveries. I know biblically that God has a reason for all of this, but I am struggling with comprehending why. When it is day here, it is night in the United States, which means to make calls and future plans, somebody is going to lose sleep. During the night I was speaking to Brother Steven Maldoff concerning the details and our shared frustrations. He shared 1 Samuel 30 when David came back to Ziklag and everything messed up. David truly needed to encourage himself in the LORD. God has helped me through the initial shock and frustration. One of the dear national pastors here in PNG shared the following with me, "Praying my Brother. God is still in control. Our disappointments are God's appointments. Take courage." I thought I was here to help them!

Please pray for us and for clear direction and timing. This delay is giving time to prepare all the paper work for importation and then the logistics of transporting the Bibles all around the country.

Sunday, May 28

I preached twice today at Morata Baptist Church here in Port Moresby and had good services. In the photo is a man named Marko; he was saved last March when I had the honor of preaching. He came today to follow the Lord in baptism. It was so exciting to see fruit that remains.

On Monday morning, Pastor Holmes Tako and Brother Gibson Arufe (our shipping agent) will travel to the outer islands of Bougainville, New Britain, and New Ireland to meet with pastors and set up the logistics of shipping. Lord willing, I will end up in Lae to spend some time with Brother and Mrs. Stackhouse. They have been serving in PNG since the 80s. Over 80% of all the Bibles will come through Lae and they are a key part of this project. Please pray for us as we travel to these remote areas that God will truly give us favor.

Tuesday, May 30

Pastor Holmes Tako, Brother Gibson Arufe, and I have been traveling in the outer islands setting up the delivery of the Bibles. We have traveled in East New Britain, New Ireland, and Bougainville. The word has spread all over the place that the Bibles will be coming. The churches have been announcing it and the anticipation is unbelievable. I have had young people come up and ask if I had brought the Bibles yet. It breaks my heart to tell them, “not yet; they are on the way.” They want them so badly.

On a personal note, I must admit I am struggling in the heat and humidity. It is always hot, even in the early mornings. I think the humidity is stuck on 100%! It is near to impossible to actually dry off. I actually look forward to the cold showers. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Alan Brooks

Update - March 27, 2017

As I write this letter, I am sitting on the plane, traveling back to America with an unbelievable heart of excitement. For the last two weeks, Steven Maldoff and I have traveled all across the country of Papua New Guinea, sharing with pastors and churches the tremendous opportunity that will soon be on their shores. Working on the logistics of transport and distribution of the Bibles was also a part of this very important trip.

National Capital District Pastors
On the first Sunday in the country, I had the privilege of speaking at the Morata Baptist Church in Port Moresby. This church is pastored by Holmes Tako, a native of Papua New Guinea. He is on our DVD and traveled to the United States to help promote the Bible Distribution. At the end of the morning service, two adult men trusted Christ as their Savior. What a blessing!

On Monday we met with 12 pastors from the Capital District to discuss the future distribution. The reception and excitement was extremely infectious. They are truly ready to go to work.

Educational Department Officials
On Tuesday Holmes Tako, Steven Maldoff, and I met with the government officials to work on many of the details of the project. They would like to officially launch the distribution of the Bibles in the capital, Port Moresby, with all the officials and national media present. They are extremely thankful that we are willing to do this. On Tuesday evening we spoke in a local Bible college. These are the future pastors of the country. God gave us liberty to teach and answer questions from these students.

Mount Hagan Pastors
Wednesday morning, we flew out to Mt. Hagan in the mountains. This is a city in the Western Highlands that cannot be reached by driving. We had a great Wednesday night service and then a special fellowship with pastors from multiple provinces: Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, Chimbu, Enga, and Jiwaka. Many of the 17 pastors traveled hours around landslides and washed out roads to attend and to learn how they might assist in the delivery. The effort made was unbelievable! God is certainly putting a team together to spread His Word.

Goraka Pastors
Due to the washed out roads and landslides on Friday morning, we arose at 3:00 AM for an early flight to the city of Lae. After a morning meeting with our shipping agent, we traveled six and a half hours up another set of mountains to the city of Goraka. Words fail to properly describe the road conditions. Narrow mountain roads, rock slides, mud slides, and potholes as large as eight feet long and one and a half deep were a common sight on this particular day. We had hoped to meet at 3:00 PM, but because of the road conditions, we did not arrive until 5:00 PM that day. I thought many of the pastors would have gone due to our lateness but to our surprise, 23 pastors patiently waited for us to arrive. I wish we could bottle that excitement, enthusiasm, and thankfulness that these men possessed to show and share in the United States.

Honorary Clan Chiefs
The trip down the mountain back to Lae only took us five and one-half hours. We pulled into the Haven of Rest Baptist Church, the home of Lae Baptist Bible College, to a welcoming crowd of almost 100 people. The next day we preached and had another meeting with pastors. Eight pastors enthusiastically responded to the plans for the Bible distribution. Steven Maldoff and I were honored with becoming special Chiefs of a village clan.

The following Tuesday, we traveled to the largest public school in the capital, Gerahu Secondary School. As we met in the principal’s office, the rain began to fall. I immediately sensed an urgency to pray for the rain to stop, knowing that it would cancel our meeting with the over 2,000 students as the assembly of that capacity could only be held outside. I then asked the principal if we could pray. As the five of us bowed our heads, I began to pray aloud but the rain seemed to increase in intensity. For a brief moment my faith wavered. Then the Holy Spirit calmed my fears as I sensed that there were others in the United States and in other countries as well who were praying for this project. Over 2,300 students listened as I gave my testimony and presentation of the Gospel. What a mighty God we serve! They have asked to be the first school in Papua New Guinea to receive the Bibles. When it was announced that we would be back the end of May with the Bibles, they cheered loudly. It is hard to imagine teenagers from 9th to 12th grade cheering about receiving Bibles but they did like those at a ball game in the States.

Your prayer support and financial contributions have enabled us to do what deems to be an impossible task. Please pray as the first containers are on their way to Papua New Guinea. We have a total of 330,000 Bibles on the way, which is enough to do all of the secondary schools (Phase 1) and a portion of the elementary schools (Phase 2). I will be returning mid-May to receive the containers and to begin the distribution. We plan on doing as many as possible until June 24 when all schools close for two weeks and the government votes to elect their new government. We will be able to continue after July 8 until we are finished. We will continue to put updates on the website as we proceed. Thank you again for your support and prayers.

Alan & Donna Brooks

Update - January 16, 2017

Dear Partners and Supporters in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution,

As we begin this new year, our prayer is that God will be glorified. Looking back at 2016, we rejoice in the trials and victories, but now God has given us a brand new year to seek to fulfill what He has called us to be and do for Him.

In early December during the Board of Trustees meeting at the World Missions Center, I had the pleasure of introducing Pastor Holmes Tako and his wife, Prisilla. Pastor Tako is the pastor of Morato Baptist Church in Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea. He is one of the key leaders in setting up the meetings with government officials, and he is instrumental in recruiting nationals in helping with the Bible distribution. It has been a joy to travel together and share what God is doing.

God has been bringing in the needed funds for Phase 1 (secondary schools) of the Bible Distribution. As of this writing, over $675,000 has been received toward the Phase 1 goal of $825,000. By faith we have ordered the printing of the first 275,000 Bibles.

After much prayer and counsel, the decision was made to attempt to be in PNG distributing the Phase 1 Bibles by the end of April or first of May. This date is approximate as we wait on notification as to when the Bibles will be shipped and then arrive in PNG.

One reason for the haste on trying to accomplish Phase 1 is that in July there will be a national election in PNG. We have been assured that even a new government cannot stop this project, as it is written in stone as far as they are concerned, but the danger falls into the period of time during the elections. We have been strongly advised not to be traveling countrywide during that period. Elections in developing countries can turn quite dangerous for foreigners. After my experience on my last trip, being robbed at gunpoint, wisdom is the better part of valor. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

We are praying that the rest of the funds for Phase 1 will come in before we head over. Also, if God would touch hearts, it would save money if we would be able to purchase at least three extra containers (165,000 Bibles) to ship some of the Phase 2 Bibles (elementary schools) to many of the extremely remote and difficult islands. The boats and transports will cost approximately the same and it would be good to do them all at the same time. God knows what is best. Please pray!

In March we will be traveling to PNG to begin meetings concerning the logistics and distribution of Phase 1 Bibles. There will be much travel as we meet with local contacts in each of the provinces and acquire distribution centers to store the Bibles. Many of the places are not easily accessed. Would you please pray that God would give us traveling mercies and favor with those with whom we meet and work? Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder (Isaiah 29:14). Please continue to pray for us and the PNG Bible Distribution as we raise the funds and prepare to distribute the Bibles. BIMI World magazine Volume 52, Number 3, 2016, has an article titled "Sir, May I Please Have a Bible?" that tells how God opened the door for the Bible Distribution. You may email me or text or call me at (423) 504-3132.

Update - October 28, 2016

Robbed at Gunpoint
By Alan Brooks
Front of Parliament
"Get down on the ground! Get down!" Those words echo in my mind. On Friday, September 16, 2016, Pastor Mindi Pombo, Runway Baptist Church, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG); and I stopped to take a picture of the National House of Parliament in Port Moresby, PNG. Suddenly, six masked men armed with guns and long knives came running out of the bushes screaming "Get down!" Yes, we were being robbed at gunpoint! By the time it was over, we were praising God that no one was hurt, but we had lost our cell phones, our wallets, an iPad, and the car. It was rather strange to be standing in the middle of the street watching our car being driven away and no way of getting help. I turned to the pastors and said, "Oh, well, Romans 8:28 is still in The Book. But what do we do now?" I really was not trying to be spiritual—I guess I was just in total shock. Pastor Mindi turned and said, "Do you know, Pastor, if those boys had been given Bibles in school, they might not have done that."

Preaching to PNG pastors
Our trip had been an unbelievable blessing and a success. Just earlier that week, I had the privilege of speaking to over 800 national, independent pastors at a special pastors' conference in Goroka, PNG. The pastors enthusiastically desire to help distribute the Bibles in the schools in their areas. What a blessing! To hand out over two million Bibles will be a monumental task. Their ownership of this part of the distribution will not only help in the logistical aspect but also give the young people a local contact for the follow-up of this evangelistic effort.

God also allowed me to personally meet many pastors who were reached and trained by faithful missionaries―some who have gone on to glory. John 4:38 states, I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours. These missionaries have laid a foundation that allows us to minister in such a massive project of sowing God's Word into every young person in the country of PNG. Thirty-five percent of the population is 100% of the future!

Unity Pole in PNG
On the Tuesday before leaving, I had the honor of touring the National House of Parliament. The Honorable Danny Puli, Secretary of Parliamentary Services, graciously took us around to see the First Edition King James Version Bible and the new Unity Pole that has a Bible as the foundation for the nation. I have also been invited to speak at the General Assembly of all the members of the National Parliament. These are the men who direct the whole country similar to our Congress.

Preaching to PNG pastors
We have updated this website to include a list of all the secondary schools and their enrollments if you would like to take a school as a project for your church, school, or Sunday school class. Our fundraising has been going well. Since we started, God has brought in over $300,000. Please pray and give! I would love to be ordering the Bibles for Phase 1 (high schools) by the first of the year. Please also share this Bible distribution project with everyone you know. God wants to do a marvelous work in this country. Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder (Isaiah 29:14).

I would be most happy to come and personally present this project to your church. Please feel free to contact me or by text or phone at (423) 504-3132.
Update — September 14, 2016

On July 31, 2016, I had the privilege officially premiering the Papua New Guinea(PNG) DVD at my sending church in Birmingham, Alabama. Since that time almost 450 DVDs have been requested. Every day the phone rings with requests or comments as to how excited people are about this project. I cannot help but believe that God wants to do a mighty work and a wonder in this country. At this writing, we have received over $110,000 toward our Phase One goal of $810,000. That amount will purchase and deliver 270,000 to the secondary schools of PNG. Please continue to pray.

Many people ask what translation we will be using in PNG. All of the schools are required to teach the children English, therefore, they have requested that we distribute King James Bibles. As a policy, we here at BIMI only use the KJV in English-speaking countries. It is so encouraging to hear how enthusiastic they are for the Word of God. Many have also asked when we hope to be in PNG distributing the Bibles. I wish I truly knew. The time will be determined when the money has been raised. Please pray that it will come in as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more students will graduate and be out of school. Please pray and give as God leads you.

I leave for PNG on September 7. Upon arrival, I will be meeting with multiple government officials concerning the logistics of the Bible Distribution. I am also going to receive a list of all of the schools including their enrollments. This will give churches, schools, businesses, and individuals the opportunity to personally sponsor a specific school. During this trip, I will be speaking at several churches and then at a national conference of fundamental Baptists. This will be a great opportunity to organize much of the local help that we will need to accomplish the distribution. Please pray for our traveling and speaking.

While I was praying concerning the different phases of the Bible distribution, God impressed on me the tremendous difference between the phases. It really struck me how the matriculation of each phase drops as the young people get farther along in the school system, especially from phase two to phase one. Phase two (grade 4 through grade 8) is 910,000 children, Phase one (grade 9 through grade 12) is 270,000 young people. We are presently focused on Phase One but we really need to be able to do Phase Two before they drop out of school. In reality, all the phases are important but will you please pray for the funds to come in to BIMI as soon as possible? Send all donations to BIMI, PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341 Account #1319 or with the PayPal button above. If your church would like a representative to come and personally share about this project, please contact Alan Brooks or call or text (423) 504-3132. We will also have a short DVD of this project available upon request or by Dropbox. Please check this site for updates and share bimi on facebook.

Update — August 2, 2016

On July 31, 2016, the premiering of the above Papua New Guinea (PNG) video was held at my sending church Glen Iris Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. We look forward to seeing how God is going to use this video to touch the lives of people. The video is approximately six and one half minutes long and available by way of Dropbox to those interested in helping raise the needed funds. We can also send it to you as a DVD by mail upon request. BIMI also has the video on our Facebook page, Please link to this and send to all you can. We also now have printed material to advertise the fundraising phase of this project, which is also available upon request.

I will be leaving for PNG on September 7th. Please pray as I will be meeting with government officials and national pastors. There are many logistical plans that must be made in preparation for the distribution of the Bibles.

Thank you for your prayers and financial help as we seek to impact the entire country of Papua New Guinea. Lord willing, we will be updating as often as possible.

In May 2016 a team of BIMI representatives traveled to Papua New Guinea at the invitation of national leaders to meet with the Minister of Education and the leadership of the entire school system in Papua New Guinea. These government leaders had learned that we had provided 221,000 Bibles to every student in all the schools in Fiji.

We met with The Honorable Nick Kuman, Minister of Education; Dr. Uke Kombra, Permanent Secretary; and Dr. Walipi Wingi, Deputy Secretary, and learned how God had been working behind the scenes to prepare the way for this open door. God had placed a dear Christian man, Dr. Walipi Wingi, in a leadership role in the Department of Education—just as Esther in the Old Testament was placed in the right position to be used to deliver the children of God from Haman's anger and vengeance. Dr. Wingi has been placed in the right position for such a time as this. He said in a recent email, "This is God's project and God will ensure we all make this project a reality."

We also learned that the Speaker of the National Parliament had commissioned the purchase of a first edition King James Bible and proclaimed that the King James Bible is to be the official Bible of Papua New Guinea. They then placed it as the centerpiece in the House of Parliament.

"Mr. Prime Minister, we need moral values more than anything else in this nation. You will find that the Bible is the only source that contains those values more than any other Faith document." — The Honorable Theodore Zurenouc

"Receiving this Bible today adds to the sense of significance as we define our nation." — The Honorable Peter O'Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Another preparation was that the Department of Education had recently held a special summit to deal with the moral and discipline problems in the schools. After days of discussion, the final decision was that they needed to get the Bible and Christian values into the schools. This is what motivated the request to "Please help us put God and the Bible in our schools!" We had no idea that God had totally prepared the way for us! During the meeting, the minister asked us to please hold assemblies to share with the students the reason "why the Bible is such a special book."

WOW! What an open door to impact an entire country!

BIMI has set a goal by God's grace to help fulfill their request. We have divided the project into phases. Phase one is to distribute to all of the secondary schools (grades 9–12). This will take 270,000 Bibles. The second phase will be the primary schools (grades 4–8). In the second phase we will need close to one million Bibles. The third phase will consist of the elementary schools (grades 1–3). We will need 910,000 Bibles. The cost to print, ship, and distribute these Bibles is $3 each. The door is open to distribute 2.16 million Bibles.

If your church would like a representative to come and personally share about this project, please contact Alan Brooks or call or text (423) 504-3132. We will also be preparing a short DVD of this project that will be available upon request.

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