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The History of Missions in America - The amazing stories of David Brainerd and John Eliot

Researched on location
Great for Sunday schools, Christian and home schools, church services and youth and heritage events.

Runtime: 16 min.

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

The Adoniram & Ann Judson Story

Follow James and Mary Ray in the very steps of Adoniram and Ann Judson.
Adoniram and Ann were the first missionaries to leave the shores of early America for a foreign country.
This astounding account will inspire you to give Christ your all and to challenge the impossible in your own life.

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

George Whitefield's Chickens and Baptist Ducks

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

This 39-minute DVD presents the story of the persecution of early Baptists in America. They were beaten, jailed, and intimidated because they resisted civil and religious leaders who sought total control of the colonies.
In the face of gigantic odds, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson joined forces with the Baptists to establish religious freedom in America. The message of George Whitefield, the Baptists, and others who caught the fire of the Great Awakening brought to the colonies a new hope in a God who could be experienced in their daily lives.

Follow James and Mary Ray in the very footsteps of some of the greatest lives ever to touch America. Every believer who wants to walk with God will find this story inspiring and unforgettable.

Runtime: 39 min.

The Trail of Tears

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

Retrace with James and Mary Ray one of the great tragedies of America—a journey of 4,000 graves.

In this 43 minute on-site documentary (DVD) James Ray reveals in stunning details the story of one of America's darkest moments. You will meet godly missionaries who never left the side of their people—the Cherokees and the other five civilized tribes. Many of these men and women were professionals who chose the road less traveled. The Trail of Tears—The Triumph of Faith takes you on an unforgettable journey—An Astounding Story.

Runtime: 43 min.

America - The Passion to be Free

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

Retrace with James and Mary Ray the very steps of William Bradford and the Pilgrims. This journey covers 3,000 miles geographically and 400 years back in time.

On-site research proving that America's beginning was indisputably "Christian".

Runtime: 37 min.

The History of Missions

Follow the lives of David Livingstone to Africa, John Paton to the cannibals in the South Pacific, Robert Moffat, Amy Carmichael and many other astounding stories.

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

Now available in this 2 DVD set, skillfully researched on site, James Ray has followed the very footsteps of great missionaries in Europe whose lives touched and changed the world.

Runtime: 38 min.

Footprints in Blood

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

Follow the very footprints of the martyrs and servants of Christ across the centuries.

Go with James Ray on this awesome journey following the greatest lives ever lived.

John Newton
The Waldensians
Martin Luther
John Konx
Lady Jane Grey
William Tynsdale
The Covenanters

Runtime: 16 min. 20 sec.

Baptist Country - Baptist History in Old England

$10.95 (+$2.50 shipping)

This DVD introduces our great Baptist history. With James Ray you will touch the lives of those who gave us much of our Baptist history and spiritual heritage.

Charles Spurgeon
William Carey
John Bunyan
F.B. Meyer
Robert Hall

Runtime: 22 min. 08 sec.

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