South America

List of South America Missionaries

For decades South America has been wide open to the Gospel. Missionaries have streamed into the 12 countries and one foreign territory that make up this part of the world. They have been blessed with good success in winning souls, establishing churches, and training national leadership. However, in recent years, socialistic and even communistic influences have made ministry difficult in some countries to the extent that some doors could soon close to missionaries.?

While Spanish is the predominate language of this largely Hispanic continent, Portuguese, English, Dutch, and French are also spoken in South America. Across the continent, ancient Indian cultures as well as strong Caribbean and European influences combine to create a culturally diverse mission field.?

Because of Brazil’s shear vastness and large population, BIMI has administratively separated Portuguese-speaking Brazil from the rest of South America, assigning it its own field director. The combined population of the remaining 11 countries and French Guiana, which is actually a French state, located on the South American mainland, now exceeds 220 million souls. Opportunities abound in every country for church planters, teachers, and medical missions.

Would you please pray for South America? Would you please consider asking the Lord if He wants you to serve in South America?

Missionaries in the South America

Roger & Kay Blevins

   Dana A & Deborah Brosius
   Justin R & April D Grinstead
   John Larry Owens

   Luke B & Jessica Marie
   Jake & Sharon Wiebe

   Clifton & Tiffany Booth
   Nathan & Christine E Saint

   Mark & Katie Gerosin
   Peter & Elisabeth Putney

   Raymond W & Anita Bradley
   Richard & Anna Hurst
   Keith L & Mandy M Morris

   Noel & Charlene Shrivnauth
   Robert E & Arianna Woodard

   Clinton & Rita Vernoy

   Rick A & Kathy Anderson
   Nancy L Burns
   Jon P & Nisha Harris
   Vaughn Lee & Eva Johnson
   Markos & Stephanie Lindsey
   Tom & Carolyn Pace

   Mark & Emily Mariner

   Christopher R & Erika A Cisler

   Carlos & Susan Arce
   Nathan & Marllorys Arce

South America Director

Roger & Kay Blevins

Read more about the Blevins Family. Phone: (770) 722 7277
or through BIMI (423) 344 5050

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