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President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder
Read more about the Snyders. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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Dear BIMI Supporters,

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on missions. That impact has been negative in some ways; however, there are countless positive ways God is working. I have heard many testimonies from our missionaries about people who have received Christ because of the Coronavirus.

I am grateful that things are slowly returning to normal as restrictions are lifted. The World Missions Center of Baptist International Missions has continued to operate since the beginning of the pandemic with very few interruptions.

Please continue to pray specifically for those missionaries on deputation and furlough. It will still be some time until deputation and furlough schedules are back to normal. Many of you have sent special offerings to our deputation missionaries and I want you to know that your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for everything you are doing for missions and missionaries. Please pray one for another that we would continue to be faithful in our prayer and financial support. It has been a blessing to see missions giving continue despite the Coronavirus. As the pandemic diminishes, we must not let our obedience to the Great Commission diminish. As we remember those who have died because of the virus in many different nations, let us renew our commitment to seeing souls saved in every nation.

Again, thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support of our missionaries. There will be eternal fruit from the eternal investment you make in the eternal souls of mankind. It is through your faithfulness that many people will meet the Great Physician and experience saving health from the spiritual virus called “Sin.” May the LORD richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16