Baptist International Missions, Inc.

John & Dorothy Halsey

International Representative Emeritus

I have been privileged to serve with Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI), since 1988 both as Far North Director and as International Representative. I have maintained a schedule of conducting mission conferences and helping churches nationally and internationally in raising funds through Grace Giving for missions and in helping missionaries with their support needs. Millions of dollars have been committed for missions from those churches.

Effective January 1, 2018, I transitioned from being International Representative to International Representative Emeritus. Please understand that I am NOT stopping active ministry. For years I have said, “If you hear that John Halsey has retired, ask where they buried him.” That still holds true! If I ever cease from ministry, God will have to retire me either by my Homegoing or by physical or mental disability. Thankfully, that day has not come!

I fully intend to continue in ministry. I believe that pastors where I have preached would say that the Lord is still using me to effectually preach and teach His Word. While serving with BIMI, I have focused on missions, preaching mission conferences, and presenting Grace Giving. I will still focus on mission conferences, but I will also be available in the future for revivals, Bible conferences, family conferences, and pulpit supply.

Baptist International Missions has been a part of my life for many years. I promoted the Mission while pastoring in Virginia, and I served several years on the Board of Trustees. In 1988, I joined the Mission full-time, first as Far North Director and then as International Representative. Although I will be relieved from BIMI responsibilities, I have been assured my new role will allow me to serve through BIMI as much as I choose. My years with the Mission have been blessed years. The opportunity to serve with some of the finest and the godliest people I know has been overwhelmingly rewarding. I have met and preached for hundreds of pastors and churches, literally around the world. My life has been incredibly enriched through fellowship with some of the godliest preachers who walk the earth.

• Physically born February 1, 1932, in Perquimans Co., North Carolina
• Born again August 2, 1954, at Ft. McClellan, Alabama

• Married to Dorothy Marsh on August 18, 1952
• Three children and seven grandchildren

• Virginia Bible College (re-named Atlantic Baptist Bible College), Chester, Virginia
• College of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, North Carolina
• Infantry Officer School in Fort Benning, Georgia.

• Norfolk and Carolina Tel and Tel Company, 1951–1966 (plant foreman)
• North Carolina National Guard, 1949–1965 (resigned as Captain)
• Pastored Grace Baptist Church in Rich Square, North Carolina, May 1964–October 1965
• Pastored Great Hope Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, 1965–1987 (planted the church in 1962)
• Past Board member of the Old Dominion Association of Church Schools (ODACS)
• Past Moderator of the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptist Churches (VAIB)
• Past Vice President of the Atlantic Baptist Bible College
• Past Executive Board member of Baptist International Missions, Inc.
• Past Far North Director of Baptist International Missions, Inc.
• International Representative for Baptist International Missions, Inc.
• Transitioned to BIMI International Representative Emeritus, January 1, 2018

• The Local Church
• Faith Promise
• Elijah and Elisha
• Marriage and the Home
• Gospel of Mark
• The Church Mission Conference (Pamphlet)

• Honorary Doctorate of Divinity on August 16, 1983, by Baptist Christian University of Shreveport, Louisiana
• Honorary Doctorate of Divinity on May 28, 1999, by Virginia Baptist College in Fredericksburg, Virginia
• Honorary Doctorate in May 2000 by FaithWay Baptist College in Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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