Baptist International Missions, Inc.

WMC Administration

David Snyder

President/General Director

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J.B. Godfrey

Vice President/Executive Director

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James Butler

International Office Director - ext. #2105

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Doug Cunningham

Comptroller - ext. #2309

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David Pittman
Chairman of the Board

Chris Edwards
Vice Chairman of the Board

David Snyder, President

J.B. Godfrey, Vice President

James Butler
Corporate Secretary

Michael Edwards

Jeff Amsbaugh

Joel Bixler

Andy Bloom

John W. Collier

Michael Creed

Nathan Deatrick

Bill Egerdahl

John Godfrey

CO Grinstead

Rodney Kelley

Tad Marshall

Dean Miller

David Mims

Mike Norris

David Pittman

James Ray
former President/General Director

Don Sisk
President/General Director Emeritus

Robert Wall

Tom Wallace

Gailen Abbett

Regional Representative

Jeff Alverson

International Representative of Military Ministries

Dan DeLong


Bob Green

Hispanic Ministries/Aviation

Mark Logan

Representative at Large

James Ray

International Representative for the 100 Nations Project and the International Bible Ministry

BIMI is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of Baptist pastors and Mission officials. This Board is responsible for establishing policies for the efficient operation of the Mission. The President and General Director is appointed by the Board to assume responsibility for the activities of the Mission.

Our current President and General Director is Dr. David Snyder. Dr. J.B. Godfrey is the Vice President and Executive Director. They work in conjunction with other administrative personnel and a dedicated support team to provide a host of services, which enable BIMI missionaries and supporting churches to operate a global mission. The multitude of administrative and financial duties necessary to meet all the needs of supporting churches and their missionaries are performed from the offices of the World Missions Center in Harrison, Tennessee.

The Board appoints Field Directors to represent BIMI before supporting churches and to monitor Mission activity on their respective fields. Special Representatives are appointed to promote various ministries of BIMI in churches and colleges across the nation and overseas.