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Robbie Corbin

Serving in Peru, South America

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In 1997, Robbie received Christ as his Savior in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was baptized at Marlbrook Baptist Church, Raphine, Virginia. As a young boy, Robbie had always wanted to be a preacher, but nothing came of it until four years ago when he went on a missions trip to the Philippines. The conviction of God's calling to become a missionary hit him like a ton of bricks.

After coming home, Robbie imagined that this conviction would soon dwindle but it only grew stronger. He prayed that if mission work was what God wanted him to do, God would make a way for him to afford college. A week after that prayer was made, his employer called and offered him enough hourly wages to pay for Bible school. Since then, it has been a fast and exciting rollercoaster ride of discovery and preparation.

During recent years, Robbie has served in his home church by driving a bus, teaching in Sunday school, preaching, and participating in door-to-door visitation. Recently, Robbie went on a BIMI Connect Trip to Peru—this is where he feels the Lord leading him to serve. Robbie wants everyone to know how amazing it is that God enables a willing vessel.


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