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We are the Demastus family on deputation to raise support to go to Scotland, the field that God has called us to go. We are looking to be there full-time by the Fall of 2017!

It used to be a nation that sent out many missionaries in the 1800's, but now it is a field that is in need of Bible-believing Baptist churches. Sixty-five percent of the people claim to be atheist/agnostic and another group holding on to the traditions of the Catholic or Church of Scotland’s standard to get to Heaven. With over five million people in Scotland there is a need for more Independent Baptist churches that teach soul-winning, separation, and the love of Christ.

Indigenous Church Plant
We are looking to go into Inverness (Place of the Loch Ness Monster) to start planting churches. At this point there are no independent Baptist churches in or around this North-Western city. We are not there to “Americanize” the people of Scotland, but to teach them the truths from the Word of God.

We want to be the ones that God asks to "stand in the gap and make up the hedge." Yes, we know this field will be tough and that the people will have a hard heart towards the gospel, but it is our calling and desire to win Scotland back to Christ by:
• Working with Veteran missionaries to adapt to the culture - Carl & Leta Miller
• Personal soul-winning - Door to Door and on the street
• Outreach - Schools, Radio Station, Prisons, Street preaching, and Nursing Homes
• Discipleship - Bible studies
• Plant indigenous churches (self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating)
• British Sign Language - reach a lost and forgotten people

Help us reach those in need of the Gospel in Scotland.


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