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Reseeding Scotland Bible Campaign

Goal: To place the Word of God in every town, every street, and every home where our missionaries are working

Need: 30,000 New Testaments at $2.30 each

My Dear Friend:

John Knox once prayed, "Give me Scotland or I die." Scotland has a vast history of great men and Gospel ministry. I have seen in Edinburgh a covenant signed by believers in their own blood that stated they would "obey God rather than men." That document led to a slaughter of true believers. Eventually, religious freedom came but not without a price.

Today the darkness in Scotland has re-descended. It is astounding to think that so many people in Scotland have no contact with Scripture. Where is the faith of their fathers? A missionary who has a life history of ministry in Scotland agrees that multitudes of young people in Scotland do not own a personal Bible. Although Bibles could be purchased in some bookstores, few people in the country would realize their need of one. Scripture must be placed in their hands.

This RESEEDING SCOTLAND CAMPAIGN is designed to help the missionaries who are giving their lives to bring Scotland back to Christ. Pray that we can supply thousands of specially designed New Testaments to be distributed in the areas where missionaries are working. These New Testaments will have the plan of salvation imprinted with a Scripture road map to heaven. There will be a special front cover with a local landmark (for each missionary locality). This would hopefully connect the Bible with the people in those areas.

The Word of God has POWER to CHANGE LIVES. Help us to once again bring the BOOK back to the people of Scotland. We want to reclaim a Lost Generation. We are praying for 30,000 Bibles to launch this project. Each New Testament will cost $2.30. Read the enclosed page and pray with us. I am:

Yours for the Harvest,

James Ray

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