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The Work the Daytons started in 1962 in Nicaragua is still growing today. On this page you can read about this ministry and how you can help.
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The Bible Institute
Our Nicaraguan Bible Institute was started in 1969 as an evening Bible Institute. God blessed us with three students in the graduating class. One of these is Alejandro Duarte, who is now the director of the Institute. The Lord has had a hand on training the men for the ministry. Over the years, more than one hundred and fifty churches have been started, most of them by Bible Institute graduates. These boys come from various parts of Nicaragua. The cost of preparing a young man is $75 a month. They are required to raise $25 of their own support (in a poor country such as Nicaragua, this is a lot of money). We try to raise $50 in scholarships each month for scholarships for each student. We have a resume on each of the boys. It would be a blessing to send you a picture and resume of the student you support.
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Scholarship money may be sent to the following address:
Dr. Bob Dayton
Nicaragua Bible Institute
P.O. Box 9
Harrison TN 37341

Building Churches
Check with us for information on taking a Soul Winning or Church Building team to Nicaragua. We would like to take some teams of like faith to help us build and reach souls for the Lord in this needy country. A group of people or a church can build a church building for $10,000 dollars. These trips will change your life. What an experience it is to go to the mission field and work alongside great national believers. Let us hear from you or your church. Church and Sunday School buildings are greatly needed. We will instruct you on how to prepare a team and we will also be there with you on the trip.
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Children's Programs
AWANA, a youth group for boys and girls, was started in the year 2000. Half of the population of Nicaragua is under the age of eighteen. Jesus loves the children of the world. Over the past four years, over eight hundred individuals have been saved throughout Nicaragua as a result of the AWANA program. We have the AWANA Olympics each year, and the children receive awards and are fed. The AWANA Program has helped our churches with the ability to reach their young people.

An AWANA Club can be started for $700 per year, or $10 per club member. It is impossible for the poor neighborhoods to have a club without our help. This is a great outreach and we are praying for sponsors to give $50 or $100 to help five or ten children have an organized club with Bible memorization, songs, games, and a message from the Word of God. Please come on board, and help us!

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About Nicaragua
Nicaragua is a country in Central America. The main language is Spanish. Nicaragua seceded from the Central American Federation in 1838. The country is a presidential democratic republic.

The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua was settled as a Spanish colony from Panama in the early 16th century. Independence from Spain was declared in 1821 and the country became an independent republic in 1838. Britain occupied the Caribbean Coast in the first half of the 19th century, but gradually ceded control of the region in subsequent decades. Violent opposition to governmental manipulation and corruption spread to all classes by 1978 and resulted in a short-lived civil war that brought the Marxist Sandinista guerrillas to power in 1979.

Nicaraguan aid to leftist rebels in El Salvador caused the US to sponsor anti-Sandinista contra guerrillas through much of the 1980s. Free elections in 1990, 1996, and again in 2001 saw the Sandinistas defeated. The country has slowly rebuilt its economy during the 1990s, but was hard hit by Hurricane Mitch in 1998.

Nicaragua shares borders with Costa Rica and Honduras
Estimated Population is 5,128,517 (July 2003 est.)

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