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Eric & Lori Bohman

For over twenty years, Eric and Lori Bohman have been serving with BIMI, first in Kenya and then in Tanzania. Together with their national leadership, the Bohmans have helped to establish nearly two-dozen churches. Their ministries are located predominately in rural East Africa where the Gospel often has difficulty penetrating because of various tribal beliefs and customs. Besides church planting, the Bohmans have helped to establish two Bible institutes, Bible studies for the deaf, feeding centers, and a small Christian nursery school.

While on the field, Eric also served as the Assistant Africa Director for seven years. This position gave him the opportunity to assist new missionaries with their survey trips and prepare them for their arrival to their country of service.

In June of 2012, Eric became the Africa Director. Although the responsibilities of this position necessitated the Bohmans relocating back to the States, the family is still connected to their former ministries in East Africa. With many trips back to the African continent each year, Eric continues to assist the nationals in church planting work, while at the same time visiting the on-field missionaries, leading survey trips with potential missionaries, holding regional field conferences, and surveying new countries for future missionary work.

When stateside, Eric is active in the leadership at the World Missions Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as teaching and advising missionaries. Eric speaks in colleges and preaches in conferences presenting the needs of missions in Africa. The Bohman family is thankful to be involved in mission work in the States and at the same time stay continually linked to mission work across Africa.

The Bohmans' burden is for this generation to see missionaries enter every potential field in Africa. The continent is vast: there are fifty-four African nations and eight territories. There are still so many places without a clear Gospel voice! Pray with the Bohmans for more laborers into this needy harvest field.


Eric 8-17
Lori 6-26

Erica 5-05-1994
Deborah 4-30-1996
Heidi 6-16-1999
Julia 6-08-2003

August 17, 1991

Africa Director

Eric & Lori Bohman

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He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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